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Who will Chris choose for his peer discussion?

Chris JohnAs the season of good will is fast approaching, I am hoping I can persuade someone to act as my peer for my peer discussion as part of revalidation (I will resort to offering bribery in the form of mince pies etc. if necessary).

Previously I wrote in this blog about my own journey with staying on the register of pharmacists and how I would be approaching the peer discussion – one of the new ways us pharmacists have to keep up-to-date.  Last time it was the ‘what’, now I’m considering the ‘who’.

The peer discussion is my opportunity to chat to someone about how I approach professional development and improving my practice for the benefit of my service users.  But who will I talk to?  The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) guidance says it doesn’t have to be a pharmacist.  My twin sister is a nurse so maybe she could do it?  Maybe not, we are both redheads and it could get explosive (especially remembering last Christmas….) My partner?  No, it would be worse than an episode of University Challenge – too many questions.

I recently saw a video on the peer discussion.  Come to think of it, the advice it gave was that your peer should not be someone you have a close relationship with, as objectivity and independence would be hard to achieve. So I need someone independent, trustworthy and objective who I feel comfortable sharing what I do and don’t know with.  My line manager is an option but I think talking to another pharmacist who works outside of my organisation will suit me best.
I think I know just the person!  She understands my role and has a similar non-patient facing role at a national organisation. We have also worked together in the past so I know she will listen, be honest and get me thinking!  Just need to ask her permission – if I am selected for review the GPhC will contact my peer to ensure the discussion did take actually take place. I can then start to plan what we will talk about – or maybe look for a new peer if permission is declined?!

Get ready for my text … ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Peer 2019’!

P.S I know my colleagues, a few desks away, are busy preparing lots of material to help us with our peer discussions so maybe worth keeping a close eye on social media and your emails.

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