Consultant pharmacist post approval 

Working with the NHS, we have established an application and assessment model for reviewing and accrediting consultant pharmacist posts across England and Wales.

How to apply

Applications for recognition of a new consultant pharmacist post will be by submission using the Consultant Pharmacist Post Approval Application form

The post approval process will consider:

  • The level of practice expected of the post holder
  • The proposed impact across the healthcare system
  • Succession planning
  • Arrangements for management, supervision and job planning.

The application must be accompanied with the following documents: 

  • Job description 
  • Person specification
  • Job plan 
  • Organisational map.

An example application form can be found here. Please note, that this example is based on a previous application format, therefore, some questions may differ. 

The post approval process

00204-001a-1912-Consultant-Post-Approval-Diagram (002)


Submission deadlines


Final submission deadline

Anticipated outcome date

Application 1

29th March 2020

18th May 2020

Application 2

28th June 2020

17th August 2020

Application 3

27th September 2020

16th November 2020

Application 4

20th December 2020

25th January 2021

Who will assess the posts?

Posts will be assessed by a panel of experts comprised of:

  • A clinical expert in the area of practice of the post
  • A pharmacy leader with a system wide role
  • Representation from an education commissioner
  • A member from the post-approving organisation.

What are the possible outcomes?

  • Approved
  • Approved with conditions – conditions to be confirmed as accepted to RPS by the applicant
  • Provisional approval – panel states what change is required and sees an amended version
  • Not approved – panel states why submission was not approved and a re-submission to a full panel is required.


The fee for an application to be reviewed is £375. 

A purchase order will need to be submitted with your application. This will be sent to our finance team who will raise an invoice for payment. 

You'll need to pay the invoice before we can continue processing your application.