Core advanced pharmacist curriculum programme of learning

What is the programme of learning and how is it structured?

The programme of learning provides the 25 outcomes that define the entry level standard to advanced pharmacy practice. You will need to demonstrate all these outcomes to be credentialed. 

The curriculum outcomes build on the RPS Advanced Pharmacy Framework (2013) and have been structured into five common domains, mirroring the RPS post-registration and consultant level curricula.

The outcomes are supplemented by descriptors which articulate the level and breadth of performance expected at an advanced level of practice.

The curriculum has been designed to allow full alignment to multi-professinal frameworks, such as the  multi-professional framework for advanced clinical practice in England.

The curriculum is also fully inclusive of the RPS Competency Framework for Designated Prescribers. This means that the RPS core advanced credential can be used as an assurance mechanism that an individual has also demonstrated the breadth of the RPS DPP competencies. In addition, it allows individuals who act as DPPs to see how these activities can help evidence for the RPS core advanced outcomes.





Key definitions


Collections of commonly themed capabilities and outcomes. There are five domains in the core advanced pharmacist programme of learning. 


High-level, complex professional capabilities are flexible and adaptive in a wide range of contexts and synthesise the knowledge, skills, behaviours and experience pharmacists need to manage real-life scenarios. Each of the domains in this programme of learning is made up of between one to four capabilities and there are 13 capabilities in total.


Describe what is to be achieved by pharmacists by the end of the programme; these describe the knowledge, skills, behaviours and experience of those who successfully complete the programme of assessment.


Detail the level and breadth of performance required to satisfactorily meet the curriculum outcomes. They provide greater details for pharmacists undertaking the