Identify peers

To-do list

Weekly watch

By the end of week 1, you should have...

  • Received access to Faculty tools and resources.
  • Nominated a minimum of two of your peers to give feedback through the online Peer Assessment Tool.

Collate your best bits

To-do list

Weekly watch



By the end of week 2, you should have...

  • 15-20 entries ready to add to your portfolio, and began to map them or consider how they link to the APF competencies.

Update your CV

To-do list

  • Use our CV template to update your CV.
  • Ask your colleagues for feedback on your newly updated CV.

By the end of week 3, you should have...

  • Updated your CV.

Add evidence to your portfolio

To-do list

Weekly watch

By the end of week 5, you should have...

  • Added your evidence summaries to your portfolio and checked the status of your peer testimonials.

Map your entries

To-do list

  • Map your evidence to the Advanced Pharmacy Framework competencies using our online portfolio.
    Learn more about mapping entries in your portfolio »
  • Ensure you have completed impact statements for each mapping.

Weekly watch

By the end of week 7, you should have...

  • Mapped your entries to the Advanced Pharmacy Framework competencies in your online portfolio.

Review your evidence

To-do list

  • Review the entries and mappings in your portfolio.
  • Go to your Faculty Report to 'View your Matrix' report to check that you have at least one piece of evidence for each competency
  • Catch up with your mentor to review your entries.

Weekly watch

By the end of week 8, you should have...

  • Double-checked your entries & mappings.

Update your portfolio

To-do list

  • Complete any gaps in your evidence and mappings.
  • Check that all PATs have been received.
  • Finalise your CV.

By the end of week 9, you should have...

  • Completed any gaps in your items for submission.

Submit for assessment

To-do list

  • Check that your portfolio is complete, and finalise your entries.
  • You are ready! Submit your portfolio for assessment.

By the end of week 10, you should have...

  • Submitted your portfolio for assessment! Well done!

Your 10 week Faculty fast track plan

We've developed a new 10 week fast-track plan to help you make the most of your existing portfolio entries, with one-to-one support and a series of webinars. Now is the perfect time to complete your Faculty journey.

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