Faculty membership

Access to Faculty tools and resources is free. To be able to join the Faculty as Member or Fellow you must undergo an assessment.

Following assessment, you receive Faculty post-nominals (see table below), and a Faculty Assessment Report which provides you feedback on your next steps of development from your peers. The Faculty Assessment Report serves as a starting point from which you can access the Faculty Professional Development Service to work with the Faculty Team on your Professional Development Plan (PDP).

Stage & postnominals   Description

Stage I

"Established, Experienced" Practice



Stage I Faculty member

You are established in a role, performing well, and advanced beyond your foundation practice years


Are at a stage of specialisation and advancement beyond your early years of practice.

Stage II




Stage II Faculty member

You are an expert in an area of practice and are experienced. You routinely manage complex situations and are a recognised leader locally/regionally.


"Exceptional" Practice



Faculty Fellow

You are a nationally recognised leader in an area of expertise (often internationally), with a breadth of experience and expertise.

You are recognised as a leader in community pharmacy; have a business/corporate leadership role; or are a business/strategic leader in community. 

Please note
: if you cancel your RPS membership or let your membership lapse you will no longer be able to use either your RPS or RPS Faculty post-nominals.


Access to Faculty
tools & resources
Faculty assessment £300

We have removed the additional annual fee for Faculty status! RPS members can now retain their Faculty credentials without paying any additional fees.