Interim Foundation Pharmacist Curriculum

What is the Interim Foundation Pharmacist Curriculum?

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Our National Foundation Pharmacist Curriculum launches in Spring 2021 and will provide a standard approach to training for newly registered UK patient-facing pharmacists.

Until then, provisionally registered pharmacists can use our Interim Foundation Curriculum to guide their learning and inform the design of support and / or training programmes throughout provisional registration and beyond.

The Interim Foundation Curriculum will provide you with a clear educational structure to guide your learning and inform the design of support and / or training programmes throughout the period of provisional registration and beyond.

The Interim Foundation Curriculum mirrors the National Foundation Curriculum, and is based on the RPS Foundation Pharmacist Framework. It will develop the capabilities to meet NHS service needs and improve patient care, as well as supporting a seamless transition to the National Foundation Curriculum and associated foundation training programmes when these launch in 2021.

Learning undertaken during the provisional registration period and beyond can be transferred to subsequent foundation training programmes.

The national foundation curriculum is being developed with all the main UK stakeholders ensuring geographic and sector diversity. 

 Access the interim foundation curriculum

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How do the framework, curricula and training programmes link together?

Interim foundation pharmacist curriculum

Who is the interim foundation pharmacist curriculum for?


The interim foundation curriculum will support provisionally registered patient-facing pharmacists working in community, primary and secondary care until full registration and beyond, until in March 2021 and the launch of the national foundation curriculum. 

If you're not in employment and wish to start undertaking learning for some outcomes this learning can be applied in practice and feedback obtained when employment is secured.

Some organisations and employers already have established training programmes for provisionally registered pharmacists. Choose the link below for the country you work in to find the relevant information. You should also discuss with your employer.

About Provisional Registration

We have lots of information and useful resources to support you during your provisional registration and to help you prepare for the assessment. Find out more.

GPhC requirements for provisional registration.

The new provisional registration E-portfolio

If you are a provisionally registered pharmacist, our new E-portfolio will help you to collate evidence of your learning with a range of tools to structure your development. The E-portfolio also helps to document how you are meeting GPhC requirements for practising provisionally registered pharmacists.

Our E-portfolio is for lifelong learning and career development and you can use during provisional registration and beyond.

Some training programmes will use their own E-portfolios, so please check the country-specific information

Do you have any questions about the interim foundation curriculum? Then email us at [email protected]