Programme of Assessment

How will the curriculum be assessed?

The assessment strategy will vary depending on the training programme model and is summarised in the diagram below.

The following principles and recommendations apply to the areas of the curriculum that will be assessed by the RPS.

  • Our recommended assessment strategy is an evidence based programmatic assessment which builds up an authentic picture of the learner’s ability by undertaking multiple low stakes assessments throughout the duration of their training programme.
  • Supervised learning events can be used to demonstrate learning and may be undertaken remotely using digital technologies to ensure all learners have sufficient opportunities to undertake assessments.
  • The final credentialing decision will be made by a clinical competency committee. Individuals must have demonstrated all of the curriculum outcomes and been awarded (either previously or simultaneously) the Practice Certificate in Independent Prescribing by their HEI, before the RPS awards the credential for the wider post-registration foundation pharmacist programme.
  • Accreditation of Prior Certified Learning (APCL) will be awarded for individuals who have completed a standalone independent prescribing course and will be considered for other areas of the curriculum as appropriate.