NHS 111 Transition Programme

Supporting pharmacists new to the service


We've partnered with the NHS 111 service in Wales to support every pharmacist joining them. 

This means providing structured workplace-based learning, support and feedback, enabling you to become confident and competent practitioners in this practice area.

What is NHS 111?

NHS 111 combines NHS Direct Wales and the GP out-of-hours service to ensure calls are quickly triaged and passed to the right person or team. 

Medication queries and common ailments are passed directly to a pharmacist, so they can use their clinical skills and knowledge to advise on appropriate treatment or next steps.

Am I eligible?

There are three criteria to participate, you must be:

  • An RPS member
  • Have qualified for more than two years as a practicing pharmacist
  • Be employed by NHS 111 Wales.

The training

There are three steps to the training for NHS 111 Wales:

1. Set up your training 1. Set up your training

  • Meet your tutor and mentor
  • Understand the programme and the available resources
  • Sign up to the RPS online tools:
    • Portfolio.


2. Complete your portfolio 2. Complete your portfolio

  • Check the learning outcomes of the Transition Programme found in the Knowledge and Capability Guide
  • Use the self-directed resources as and when required throughout the Transition Programme
  • Participate in the monthly moderated peer discussions
  • Demonstrate your learning achievements through practice-based assessments
  • Get feedback on your practice
  • You will have 12 months to complete your portfolio.

To navigate the e-Portfolio download our handy guide.

Go to your e-Portfolio

3. Assessment 3. Assessment

  • Undertake your end of training assessment
  • Be recognised through a Certificate of Completion
  • Agree your ongoing professional development plan with your line manager.


Contact us

For queries relating to the e-Portfolio, contact [email protected]

For any other queries, contact the RPS Education team at [email protected]