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What support areas and skills are in the mentor/mentee profile?

Six areas of support:

    • Careers
    • Collaborative working and communication
    • Education, Development, Registration and Revalidation
    • Expert practice
    • Management and leadership
    • Research and Evaluation

List of skills under each area of support:

    • CV building, job search and interviewing
    • IT skills and technology
    • Returning to practice
    • Self-confidence and resilience
    • Transitioning into a new role / sector
Collaborative working and communication
    • Collaboration and team working
    • Communication skills
    • Consultation skills and person-centred care
    • Negotiation skills
    • Presentation skills and public speaking
Education, Development, Registration and Revalidation
    • Consultant Pharmacist credentialing/ development
    • CPD planning
    • Faculty Support
    • Peer Discussion for revalidation
    • Foundation training
    • Revalidation support
    • Study skills
Expert practice
    • Developing clinical expertise
    • Ethical decision making
    • Independent prescribing
    • Introducing innovation into pharmacy practice
Management and leadership
    • Enterprise skills
    • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
    • Managing change and uncertainty
    • Managing people
    • Project management

As a mentor, if you are able to provide support that is not listed in the fields, please state this in your bio, so mentees can see this within your profile.