Mentee Support

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to create your profile and find a Mentor...

To increase the chances of finding your ideal mentor, be proactive and:

  • Be specific: Stick to just three skills and expertise areas to narrow your search
  • View their profile: Read their bio and check to make sure they can offer what you are looking for
  • Tailor your request: Edit your mentor request and take the time to explain what you are looking for. This will help the mentor determine if they can support you.

Generally, most mentors respond quite quickly to proposals. However, to allow for the fact that a mentor may be unable to review and respond to a proposal we send out reminders to mentors 3, 7 and 15 days after a proposal is sent.

If they have still not responded after 21 days, we will automatically withdraw your proposal to the mentor and ask you to select an alternative mentor.


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Download Mentee journey flowchart:


Want to know more about why you need a Mentor?

Watch the videos and download resources

You have control over your mentoring relationships and the number of relationships. A relationship is created once you request mentoring from a matched mentor and that request is accepted.

There is no limit on the number of mentoring relationships you can have. There are occasions where you might want more than one mentor but for a different type of support.

You will be able to view your full list of mentors under the ‘Relationships’ tab. 

All RPS Mentors have to sign the Declaration of Suitability.