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Mentees may be seeking guidance for a wide range of reasons, and the more information you can provide up-front will help them to understand the level of support you can provide, as well as clarify what would be most beneficial to them at an early stage.

How do I switch off my availability status as a mentor?

When logged into your account, click edit account at the top of the screen, then click make unavailable.

You will know your account is set to unavailable when you see the message "you are currently unavailable to mentees" on the edit account and profile screens.

How long should I expect to wait before I receive a mentoring request?

This can vary greatly. You may find that a mentee looking for a mentor with your skills and experience sends you a proposal within hours of you registering. However, an appropriate match could take weeks or months, so don't be disheartened if you are not snapped up immediately.

If at any time you feel unable to offer your mentoring support you can switch off your availability (see above) and then switch it back on again when your circumstances change. To do this, select the edit account link.

Thank you for giving your time and sharing your skills as a mentor.