Evidence-based research and papers

How can a mentor help you?

Over 350 RPS members have already found mentors via our platform. Having someone to give you additional support and ideas could be invaluable.

Our guiding principles

RPS has partnered with academic institutions and experts in their field to design a framework for reflecting on principles of mentoring schemes, both for organisations and for interactions between mentors and mentees. 

A series of papers have been published from this work and the future developments and RPS’s mentoring program implementation will be guided in the principles found in these articles, so we can keep improving the support we offer to our members across GB and internationally.

Read the research

  • Reflections of mentors and mentees on a national mentoring programme for pharmacists: An examination into relationships, personal and professional development READ RESEARCH
  • Mentorship: what are pharmacy students seeking from mentors? READ RESEARCH
  • Design fundamentals of mentoring programs for pharmacy professionals 
  • An exploration of the development needs of mentees and mentors using a national mentoring platform. Abstract number 31 READ RESEARCH
  • Understanding the mentoring needs of hospital and community pharmacists at different career stages   READ RESEARCH