Design fundamentals of mentoring programs for pharmacy professionals 

Part 1: Considerations for organisations

Abstract: Mentoring programs have been offered by organisations within and outside of healthcare for years. This commentary examines the literature under the prism of design fundamentals for these programs, drawing particular considerations for schemes aimed at pharmacy professionals.

The central argument presented is that mentoring can be used as a vehicle to support pharmacists to learn from others and each other, to reinforce and own their professional identity so that the uniqueness of the pharmacy profession is established within a global health landscape of constant change.

In this Part 1 of a series of papers, a wealth of literature, theories, and evidence are presented aiming to inform the general structure and logistical considerations for both in-person and distance mentoring programs.

The work was led by:

  • Dr Efi Mantzourani MFCI MRPharmS MSc PhD FHEA, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, Cardiff University
  • Professor Shane P. Desselle, RPh, PhD, FAPhA, Touro University California College of Pharmacy.