Understanding the mentoring needs of Pharmacists

The below abstract was accepted and presented at the Life Long Learning in Pharmacy conference 2021

Abstract title:  Understanding the mentoring needs of hospital and community pharmacists at different career stages 

Author list: Kina Vyas1, Helen Chang1

Affiliations of authors: 1Royal Pharmaceutical Society, London, United Kingdom

Keywords: Career development, Community, Hospital, Mentees, Mentoring, Mentoring needs, Pharmacists


Mentoring is a process in which a skilled or experienced person supports a less skilled or less experienced person. It has been shown to have a positive impact on personal and professional development. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) implemented a new national mentoring programme in 2019 to support the professional development of pharmacists across all career stages and all pharmacy settings.


To identify and compare the mentoring needs of community and hospital pharmacists at different career stages.


Demographic data (practice setting and stage of practice) and development needs of pharmacist mentees registered on the RPS mentoring platform between 1 September 2019 and 28 February 2021 was collated. Descriptive analysis of the data was performed to identify areas of commonality. 


Community pharmacists (n=302) were primarily seeking support in the areas of careers; revalidation; and education, training, and development. Hospital pharmacists were also seeking support with careers and revalidation, however, were additionally seeking support with management and leadership skills.

Early career pharmacists (0-5 years, n=222), and experienced pharmacists (6-10 years, n=105) across both sectors were mostly seeking support with their careers. Pharmacists with substantial experience (10+ years, n=194) were seeking support with management and leadership skills.


This study suggests that community and hospital pharmacists share the similar mentoring needs. Hospital pharmacists additionally require support in management and leadership.  Pharmacists appear to have different developmental needs at specific career stages, which evolves over time. Future research should explore factors influencing mentoring needs.

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