Guidance and Support for research AND Evaluation

We provide resources and support for all pharmacy professionals whether new or more established, in terms of their research experience, who are looking to engage in research and evaluation activities.

These range from 1:1 advisory sessions offering dedicated support to more detailed guidance documents and signposting to related training and development opportunities. We also offer the RPS Research Ready (ResR) Community Pharmacy Accreditation, and a Clinical Audit Hub of useful guidance.

We have also developed a comprehensive Research, Evidence and Evaluation Toolkit (REET) which allows users to identify their existing research skills and to assess knowledge gaps. The toolkit was developed and tested at the end of 2017 and is in the process of being updated. The REET is aligned to the RPS Professional Development Programmes (Pre-Foundations, Foundation and Faculty).

Mock Interviews

The RPS Research Team currently offer mock interviews for applicants applying for research funding, or research posts.  For more information please click here.

Research Review and Support Service

The Research Project Review and Support Process provides an open and transparent service to our members. 

Currently, members are able to access Intellectual input from the RPS to review and/or support development and delivery of a project. For example, where research teams are seeking stakeholder support for a funding application; RPS involvement as stakeholder e.g. advisory group/steering group/research participant.

The RPS Research Project Review and Support Process does not include:

  • review, support or endorsement of  requests with no clear research objectives, strategy, design, guidance, ethics approval (if applicable), policy or outcomes;
  • review, support or endorsement of market research;
  • review, support or endorsement of other commercially focused research unless such research is adopted on the NIHR portfolio or a recommendation is made by the RPS Chief Scientists office.

Our latest open access guidance for all pharmacy professionals

Our 1:1 Research Support Sessions

We offer monthly research support sessions where members of our research team are available to support you to develop your research potential. We have, for example, provided individuals with 1:1 guidance on how to get involved in research and develop research ideas for funding, as well as supporting you in the following areas: 

  • Understanding research and evaluation
  • Developing a research project and team
  • Building your faculty R&E cluster
  • Patient and public involvement (PPI)
  • Sources of funding available
  • Evaluating and publishing research
  • Getting research ready

Individual sessions last approximately 30 minutes and can be booked through our support sessions page. This page lists all upcoming events.  

These flexible sessions welcome attendees in person, by phone or via video conference. The team work with participants in advance to ensure the 1:1 session is as useful as possible, and following the session attendees receive a development plan or signposting to further support and guidance.

Other research events to support your development

We run a regular programme of research training and support. These include:

  • instructional webinars
  • an annual research proposal writing training course
  • workshops and seminars at national conferences

For forthcoming activities see the RPS events calendar.


Contact us

Contact the RPS Research and Evaluation team for further support or guidance, please contact: 

[email protected]

Our expert confidential professional support service provides practical, evaluated advice on professional development, research and evaluation



Our resource library provides a range of concise and user-friendly professional, legal, ethical and good practice guidance materials to support you in your day to day practice.

These include quick reference guides, professional standards, webinars, as well as ultimate guides and hubs.


Professional development hub

Visit our professional development hub to understand your path to advanced practice with the RPS. 

Our roadmap defines career pathways and our essential guides to professional development talk you through our professional development programmes, CPD & CFtP.