Networking and collaboration in research


Networking with peers and seeking advice can provide vital support for not only developing research skills but also to promote shared learning and collaboration.  Our research support networks are open access, allowing any pharmacy professional or anyone with an interest in medicines to come together in one place to discuss research and evaluation topics. 

Through our networks we also seek to engage more people in the practice of research and to signpost to guidance and support wherever possible. Successful collaboration is now also a vital aspect of modern research with co-authored papers, for example, yielding more citations by others. Collaboration in research can take many forms but regardless of whether it is research partnerships or co-authorship of publications, we are keen to support pharmacy professionals worldwide.

Whether you are a novice or a more established researcher, our networks and mentoring programme are here to support your development. evidence that may be of interest.

Current projects to improve networking, collaboration and systems of mentoring in research

Research Fellows Forum Research Fellows Forum

The RPS Research Fellows Forum is designed to facilitate dialogue about research and career progression within the pharmacy and pharmaceutical sectors

See more about the first face-to-face meeting of the Research Fellows Forum

Research mentoring Research mentoring

We are working with Pharmacy Research UK, leading funders of research in pharmacy to develop resources specifically for novice researchers or practitioners looking for support in research. These resources will focus around mentoring and coaching for research, identify existing programmes and signposting to guidance and support. We hope to provide a peer-to-peer matching and a mentor/ mentee matching service aligned to the current RPS mentoring systems

Pharmacy and research delivery network Pharmacy and research delivery network

The Research and Pharmacy People Network developed by the RPS and the National institute for health research (NIHR) clinical research network (CRN) in partnership with the National Pharmacy Clinical Trials Advisory Group (NPCTAG) seeks to support pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the UK working on delivering research projects that are part of the NIHR portfolio and who are seeking technical support with clinical trials related queries. 

The network brings together health professionals from across the UK interested in research that is either conducted in or supported through a pharmacy setting. Please note an NIHR email is required to access this network.