Revalidation and CPD for pharmacists

Revalidation aims to keep your skills up to date and demonstrate them to the public. It's an annual GPhC requirement for all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

The latest Revalidation requirements can be found on the GPhC website.

You can now transfer all the valuable records saved on your RPS MyCPD directly to ready to submit them for revalidation.

MyCPD lets you save as many records as you like, and we will never delete them.

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How do I use RPS MyCPD? 

Read our Revalidation Portfolio FAQs.

How do I revalidate?

Under normal circumstances must record and submit SIX records to

  • 4 CPD records (at least two of which must be planned)
  • 1 Peer Discussion
  • 1 Reflective Account.

Update for 2021/2022

If you have a registration renewal deadline on or before 28 February 2022 (and whose registration is due to expire on or before 30 April 2022) will only need to submit ONE reflective account. You will NOT need to submit the other five revalidation records. See our COVID-19 and revalidation resource to learn more. 

The different CPD record type

Learn more about each of the record types below - they're really useful, and you'll discover how the RPS can help make your Revalidation sweet and dandy!

When do I need to revalidate?

Find out when you need to revalidate with our handy date checker.

Where do I revalidate?

Use RPS MyCPD to build, bank and back up your revalidation records, but these must be transferred to to revalidate.

RPS MyCPD will keep your learning safe and secure permanently, not for just two years, as the GPhC does.

How do I revalidate?

For more advice and guidance on Revalidation, read our Revalidation FAQs.

We also have two helpful webinars: How To Revalidate and another for Non-Patient Facing Roles.

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