Reflective Account for Revalidation

What is a Reflective Account for Revalidation?

A Reflective Account is a summary of your practice over the past year. It should include specific examples of how you met one of the GPhC's standards for pharmacy professionals and how your service users benefited as a result.

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What are the GPhC standards for Revalidation?

The GPhC will choose the Standards for Pharmacy Professionals to reflect upon each year. The current three Standards are:

  • Standard 3 - pharmacy professionals must communicate effectively 
  • Standard 6 - pharmacy professionals must behave professionally  
  • Standard 9 - pharmacy professionals must demonstrate leadership.

You must reflect upon at least one of these (but you can reflect upon more) in your Reflective Account.

What should my Reflective Account include?

To meet the GPhC Feedback Criteria your Reflective Account record should include:

  • What your area of work is (the setting of your practice and your main roles)
  • Who the typical users of your service(s) are
  • How you meet the chosen GPhC standards for this year
  • Examples from your practice demonstrating how you meet the chosen GPhC standards for this year.

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