Revalidation Portfolio FAQs

How do I copy my records to the GPhC within the revalidation app?

Use the MyCPD app and portfolio to create, edit and save all your learning, however, the copy to MyGPhC function is only accessible from the portfolio. 

Ready to copy your records to MyGPhC? Then follow the instructions in our handy infographic below.

Infographic for revalidation portfolio

I'm a registered user, how do I copy my records to MyGPhC?

Currently only RPS members can copy entries to the GPhC. As a registered user you will still be able to create, edit and save all your learning, however you will need to copy and paste your records to mygphc manually.

My records do not appear in the MyGPhC 'Excluded' area, what do I do?

You can view all your CPD and learning entries under the View all entries tab.

Records that have been successfully copied to MyGPhC will have a date stamp in the Copied to GPhC column. 

If your records are not appearing in the MyGPhC Excluded area five minutes after receipt of confirmation message, check that you have fully followed the instructions in our infographic above. If your records are still not appearing, contact our One-to-One Support team and they'll contact our technical team for further investigation. 

You can also contact GPhC in case there is an issue with their website.

My records are not filtered in the correct date order, how do I view my latest records?

You can change the order in which your records are displayed by using the arrows at the top of each column under the View All tab. 

Unfortunately, the date column doesn’t always filter records in the correct order. This is a known issue and we are looking into fixing this when we next upgrade the platform.

Why not try using dates in the title of your records.

Why are the titles of my records truncated when I copy to MyGPhC?

GPhC only allows 60 characters for the titles of revalidation records, but our MyCPD portfolio platform allows a maximum of 80 characters in the title field (because many members use it to record all their learning records, e.g., for RPS Faculty. 

This means that records copied to MyGPhC with a title over 80 characters long will be truncated. 

You'll be notified if this is the case and given the option to edit titles before they are copied record over and submitted.

Why do my records from MyGPhC not sync to the RPS MyCPD portfolio and app?

MyCPD can only push data to MyGPhC. Entries and updates cannot be sent back from  MyGPhC.

Any changes made to records on MyGPhC will need to be copied back to MyCPD.