GPhC Standards to Reflect Upon  

Every year the GPhC will communicate the Standards for Pharmacy Professionals to reflect upon in your revalidation Reflective Account record.

From October 2019 you must reflect upon at least one of the following standards:

  • Standard 3 - pharmacy professionals must communicate effectively
  • Standard 6 - pharmacy professionals must behave professionally
  • Standard 9 - pharmacy professionals must demonstrate leadership.

You must reflect upon at least one of these. But you may choose to reflect upon two or all three of these Standards.

In order to meet the GPhC Feedback Criteria your Reflective Account record should state:

  • Your area of work (the setting of your practice and your main roles)
  • The typical users of your service(s) are
  • How you meet the standards for pharmacy professionals that the GPhC have selected for that year
  • A real example(s) taken from your practice to illustrate how you meet the standards the GPhC have selected.