Provisional Registration

Support for Provisional Registrants and those preparing to register.

There have been some changes to Pre-Registration training due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and your day-to-day activities may look different. 

We'll keep you up to date on the latest news about the registration assessment and provisional registration.

Assessment Preparation Support


Contact our dedicated Support line for help with:

  • Practical everyday advice on working as a pharmacist
  • Final preparation for the registration assessment
  • Future professional development
  • Anything else a provisional registrant or Pre-Reg trainee might need to discuss.

Contact our Support Line

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Phone: 0207 572 2737

Email: [email protected]

Our provisional registration service support line is funded by Health Education England as part of the Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme.

News and announcements


1 Oct: RPS calls for more action and urgency on delayed assessment


30 Sep: GPhC update on the registration assessment

25 Sep: RPS launch dedicated support line for Provisional Registrants, funded by HEE as part of the Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme.

21 SepRPS and BPSA call for greater clarity from GPhC on the delayed registration exam.


 10 Aug: RPS launch E-portfolio for provisional registrants


21 July: Risk assessments for provisional pharmacists

The way the risk assessment process is carried out will vary dependent on the setting, provisional registered pharmacist and individual workplace.

Employers can use the risk assessment template published by HSE for risk assessing provisional pharmacists employed. This should be used alongside the risks GPhC has identified for consideration when employing a provisionally registered pharmacist. Further details can be found in 'Employing a provisionally-registered pharmacist’ on the GPhC website. Additionally, employers should consider any other risks associated with the premises and provisionally registered pharmacists.  

Weldricks Pharmacy has produced a useful example template of a risk assessment form for provisionally registered pharmacists, which is an open access resource.


4 Jun: RPS, BPSA, and GPhC provisional registration webinar


12 May: RPS, BPSA, and GPhC provisional registration q&a webinar

21 May: GPhC Criteria for pharmacist provisional registration agreed


23 April: We call for visa extensions for Pre-Registration trainees

27 April: Provisional registration to start in August 2020

30 April: We welcome visa extensions for frontline healthcare workers


25 March: Our support for Pre-Registration trainee pharmacists

26 March: Registration assessments in 2020 are postponed

March: Pre-Registration tips PrezCast