e-Portfolio guide for Collaborators

Our user guides have screenshots to help you navigate the e-Portfolio.

User Guide for Collaborators

Watch this short video to see how to accept an invitation from your learners:

For more information about using our Provisional Registration e-Portfolio, watch our webinar series:

We have also made some improvements and updates to the portfolio based on user feedback. Watch the video to find out what's new for learners.

E-portfolio guidance

360 feedback tool

We have created some additional guidance for collaborators about the 360 feedback tool.

Peer assessment tool

Senior Pharmacist / Collaborator FAQs

How do I access the portfolio, I have logged in but don’t see anything?
If you are a member of the RPS, you will be able to access the portfolio using your usual login detail, however, might find that you will not be able to view a learner’s e-Portfolio. To access your learner’s e-Portfolio, they need to give you access to it by inviting you to be a collaborator. When your learner invites you to be a collaborator you will receive an email with a link to their e-Portfolio, which you can either decline or accept.

I can’t see any learners, can you give me permissions?
The learner has control over who has access to their portfolio. To give access to their portfolio they need to invite you as a collaborator. 

Who can be a collaborator?
Collaborators are senior pharmacist, educational supervisors, tutors, employers or colleagues who are given access to view a learner's e-Portfolio and contribute to it.

I did have access to my learners' portfolio but no longer have access, can you give me access?
The learner might have revoked access, please check with them in the first instance. If you still have issues please contact RPS.

I edited/deleted a tool in my learner’s portfolio by accident, can you restore it?
Please contact RPS and also let your learner know about this.

Can I set up a meeting with my learner?
The e-portfolio provides an option for both learner and senior pharmacist to start a new record for a meeting, which you can review as required.

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