e-Portfolio guide for Learners

Need help navigating our e-Portfolio? Read our user guide below (includes handy screenshots)


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We have also made some improvements and updates to the portfolio based on user feedback. Watch the video to find out what's new.

E-Portfolio Guidance

We have developed additional guidance for tools within the e-portfolio.

360 feedback tool 

Peer assessment tool

Peer Assessment Tool: how to submit a case

Peer Assessment Tool: how to review a case

Provisional Registrant (Learner) FAQs

Who can I nominate as a collaborator?
Collaborators are your senior pharmacist, educational supervisors, tutors, employers or colleagues you want to give access to view your E-Portfolio and contribute to it.

As a learner you have control over who gets to view the details and content of your portfolio. A tutor (or educational supervisor) is someone who supports you with your learning and development. Tutors can also be your senior pharmacist for the purposes of provisional registration.

In most cases, education providers will allocate an education supervisor or provide guidance on who can act as the education supervisor at your workplace and/or organisation. If you are unsure who this is, please contact your employer or training organisation for further information.

Can I have more than one collaborator linked to my E-Portfolio?
Yes, simply add new collaborator to send a link with the invitation to access your E-portfolio. There is no limit on the number of collaborators linked to your e-Portfolio but do note that all collaborators will be able to view and edit contents of your E-Portfolio.

How do I nominate a collaborator?
Please see the user guide for some useful screenshots on how to invite collaborators.

Can my employer see the details of my portfolio?
You control who has permissions to access your portfolio and its contents. If you’d like your employer to access your portfolio, simply invite them (by sending an email) under the ‘portfolio collaborators’ section. 

Can I delete my records?
No, you cannot delete the records within the platform. If you would like a record deleted please contact us directly. 

Can I delete the details or documents I uploaded into the portfolio
Not quite, you can archive the documents and records, but you cannot delete them completely. You can upload updated new versions if you wish, as there is no limit on how many files you can upload.

When do I need to submit my monthly reports?
It is up to you and your senior pharmacist to agree the exact dates, but it is important that you keep records as this is a GPhC requirement, so the E-portfolio provides you a perfect tool for recording your progress and development. 

Who should review my risk assessment?
Your risk assessment should be reviewed by your senior pharmacist. Please find further information on the GPhC website about provisional registration.

Can my senior pharmacist set up a meeting?
The E-Portfolio provides an option for both you and your senior pharmacist to start a new record for a meeting, which you can review as required. Unfortunately, there is no function to co-ordinate a meeting within the E-Portfolio itself.

How many supervised learning events (SLEs) do I need to complete?
It is difficult to specify the number of SLEs required as this depends on your individual learning needs. Your senior pharmacist or tutor/educational supervisor will be able to make some recommendations on which SLEs to complete and how many of each.

If you are completing a formal training program, your organisation or training provider may specify requirements for SLEs.

The E-portfolio itself has been created to allow you to complete as many SLEs as required for your development; there is no limit from a functionality perspective.

Can I print my records?
Yes, simply follow the printer icon to view a printable version of your record.

I’m having technical issues, who can help?
Contact [email protected] and we will respond to your questions promptly.