Pre-Reg has become Foundation

In July 2021, Pre-Registration training changed its name to Foundation training.

Pre-Registration trainees are now known as Trainee Pharmacists.

To find out more, visit the GPhC Foundation Training Year Hub.

NOTE: We're still updating all our webpages, so you may spot "Pre-Registration" or "Pre-Reg" on our website and resources.

Next steps post assessment

Well done for getting through your registration assessment! Now that you've overcome the important day it's time to reflect and plan your next steps. You can refer to our at-a-glance guide which spells out clearly what happens with your RPS membership whether you sat the assessment or not, and how we can help you with the next steps you need to take.  

I've sat my assessment, now what?

If you experienced any issues during your assessment, you have 5 working days to make a request to have your attempt nullified. Take a look at the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) quick guide about withdrawal, appeal and nullification for further information. If you want to proceed with a nullification, you will need to complete the nullification request form which can also be found on the GPhC website.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide representation for specific cases, nor are we able to intervene in GPhC procedures , however if you'd like to speak to us about your options we are here for you. Email the Professional Support service at [email protected]


Results day

If you sat the July 2021 assessment, your results would have been made available to you on Thursday 9 September 2021, accessed via your MyGPhC account. 

Pharmacist Support have information on their webpages summarising what to do when you receive you results.  If you wish to talk to someone who can offer advice on the management of stress and anxiety, Pharmacist Support offer a free and confidential service, Listening friends. Pharmacist support have also launched a new counselling service which can be accessed via a self-referral form on their website.

Preparing for registration

If you passed your assessment, you will be able to join the GPhC register at any point from Wednesday 15 September 2021, provided you meet the GPhC criteria for registration.

You will still need to submit an application to join the GPhC register even if you are currently a provisionally registered pharmacist. However, you can remain on the provisional register until your entry is added to the main register. Please note that provisional registration comes to an end in January 2022. 

You can find out more about the registration process in the GPhC guide on registering as a pharmacist.


Preparing for practice

Our newly qualified guide provides you with key resources for your first days and weeks of practice, so you are fully prepared.


An unsuccessful result

Resitting the assessment

Resitting the GPhC registration assessment offers guidance on resitting the registration assessment and additional practical revision tips.


Unsuccessful at your third attempt


Your career options

Although you may not be able to register as a pharmacist, you have gained a valuable set of knowledge, skills and experience through your degree and pre-registration training. Many of these are transferable to other roles and environments. There are many alternative opportunities available to you so do not give up on your career aspirations.

Pharmacist Support outlines some career options in their factsheet Careers advice and options for pharmacy graduates. This covers pharmacy and non-pharmacy roles that you can consider. Think about all the options available to you and research potential roles to see if they interest you.

Once you have decided on a new career path to pursue, try to arrange work placements in this sector/environment to give you an idea of what the role may be like, and what the day-to-day responsibilities and tasks are.


  • Consider registering with recruitment agencies
  • Make use of social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter to network and make contacts
  • Highlight the skills and knowledge you have gained to enhance your CV and cover letter when applying for jobs
  • Seek advice from a careers centre or advisor.

Although we at the RPS do not have specialist career advisors, you can contact the RPS Professional Support Service for general career tips.