Professional Standards for Community Pharmacy Services 

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The RPS will host 3 public consultations to launch the production of the first ever Professional Standards for Community Pharmacy Services for all community pharmacy services across GB.

The standards will set the bar for best practice across the sector and encourage consistent, high quality patient care. 

Join our RPS experts to give your feedback on work being done and provide your input for developing the Standards.

Why attend? 

It's your chance to:

  • Ensure the standards that you will work to are developed with the knowledge and expertise of those who work in pharmacy services
  • Provide feedback on work being done by the RPS
  • Give your input in the development of the standards to help improve and shape future services
  • Support continual improvement in patient services for the public we serve including new opportunities for pharmacists
  • Share experiences, challenges and best practice with like-minded colleagues.

Why are we developing these standards? 

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society provides professional standards, developed by the profession, that describe good practice, systems of care and working in pharmacy. The 18-month project involves consultation with community pharmacists, pharmacy teams, patients and the public to define good practice and effective systems. 

Built with the knowledge and expertise of those who work in and use pharmacy services, they will be developed in line within the gold standard of NICE accreditation.

The standards will provide a framework which will support pharmacy teams to continually improve the care they deliver. They will help create safer, more consistent services within and between providers, and inspire trust with the multidisciplinary team.

The standards will also provide a useful tool for evaluating services and highlighting issues and gaps in provision, enabling improvements to be made. A common understanding of what should be provided will also create confidence and trust within teams and with the public.

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