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FIP World Congress 2018 has now finished

The theme of the 78th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences was Pharmacy: Transforming Outcomes!

For the first time in nearly 40 years (the last time was in 1979!) FIP World Congress was held in the UK, making this a truly unique learning opportunity for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists in Great Britain.

The 2018 FIP congress in Glasgow, Scotland, brought together pharmacy practitioners and pharmaceutical scientists from over 100 countries to look at extending the role of pharmacists so they play a fuller part in ensuring patients - and health systems - achieve full benefit from medicines.

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FIP Team Glasgow

FIP World Congress 2018 explored what we do well in the UK and how we can improve, but also provided an opportunity to compare ourselves with global counterparts.

There were fantastic opportunities for learning, but also for teaching. Jointly developed sessions provided unique insights, outcomes and ways of working, and delegates networked with practitioners from across the globe and across a broad range of sectors, coming away with wider knowledge and understanding of pharmacy.

UK-based pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists came away feeling proud that they are considered by many to be global leaders in pharmacy, one that sets standards and leads by example. 

FIP Congress really gave us the chance to showcase this. 

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Pharmacy in Great Britain

As part of the Congress, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society session entitled “Pharmacy in Great Britain”, took place on Sunday 2nd September. Offering a truly unique learning opportunity, it showcased how Great Britain contributes to pharmacy on a local, national and global level, identifying challenges and opportunities for innovation in pharmacy, and demonstrating what we’re doing to encourage and support growth for pharmacists in a changing world.

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