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2 - 6 September 2018, Glasgow

The theme of the 78th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is Pharmacy: Transforming outcomes!

This is the first time that the FIP World Congress has been held in the UK for nearly 40 years. The last time was in 1979, making this a truly unique learning opportunity for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists in Great Britain. 

Care HomesThe 2018 FIP congress in Glasgow, Scotland, will bring together pharmacy practitioners and pharmaceutical scientists from around the world to consider ways of extending the role of pharmacists so that they play a full part in ensuring patients, and health systems, achieve full benefit from the medicines people take.

The 'one-size-fits-all' approach is clearly failing many patients around the globe for the pharmacological treatment of disease. Pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists are uniquely trained and qualified health care professionals capable of personalising therapy for improving patient outcomes.

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Why should I attend FIP World Congress?

It’s easy to focus ourselves solely on UK pharmacy, what we do well and what we need to improve, but rarely do we get the opportunity to compare ourselves to our global counterparts.

At FIP World Congress not only are there fantastic opportunities for learning, there are also fantastic opportunity for teaching. Many developing countries get special grants to attend FIP, for the sole purpose of learning from other countries. You have the opportunity to share your learning with communities that can really benefit from it, and give back to global pharmacy.

It can be rare to meet pharmacists in the UK outside of your sector. It’s even rarer to meet those outside of your sector and country widen your knowledge and understanding of pharmacy. At FIP pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists will have the opportunity to do this. A lot to the sessions are jointly developed collaboratively by experts from different sectors producing unique insights, outcomes and ways of working

Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists should feel proud that that the UK is considered by many to be a global leader in pharmacy, one that sets the standard and leads by example. Make sure you’re there to represent all the good things in UK pharmacy, and share your knowledge.

Learning opportunities like this are few and far between there will rarely come a chance like this to learn on a global scale, for pharmacy to be showcased across the world for you to peek into, see what you’re not doing that you could be, and find common solutions to global problems.

Watch our short video to learn more about what opportunities will be on offer you by attending the FIP World Congress in Glasgow.


Member Discount

Members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society have the opportunity to attend FIP at a significantly discounted rate, with up to a 40% saving.

You can only take advantage of this discount if you’re a member, so join now to make the most of RPS membership! 


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Pharmacy in Great Britain

As part of the Congress, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society is proud to be holding a session entitled “Pharmacy in Great Britain”. Taking place on Sunday 2nd September from 9am – 12pm, this session will offer a truly unique learning opportunity, showcasing how Great Britain contributes to pharmacy on a local, national and global level, identifying challenges and opportunities for innovation in pharmacy, and demonstrating what we’re doing to encourage and support growth in a changing world for pharmacists.

Sponsoring FIP Glasgow 2018

We're offering a range of sponsorship opportunities for FIP Glasgow 2018. Everything from exhibition stands to meetings, round-table discussions and fringe sessions.

See our sponsorship information to find out more, or contact us at [email protected] or +44 (0)207 572 2737.


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