Membership terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions outline what You sign up to when You become a member of the Society in any category, the Faculty membership as well as Yours and our rights under the agreement


Membership agreement

The agreement between Us/We (the Society, the professional body) and You/ Your (the member)

Terms and Conditions

The rules You must abide by as part of this agreement

Royal Pharmaceutical Society

We, the professional body, RPS,  the Society

Society Membership

Membership of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society


 The category of membership You hold known as either Fellow, Member, Associate or Pharmaceutical Scientist or student


The professional recognition programme for RPS members

Faculty Membership

Membership of the RPS Faculty

Faculty Stage

The Stage of Faculty membership You  hold as either  Stage I member, Stage II member or Faculty Fellow

Post nominals

The designatory letters You are awarded to use after Your name indicating Your  category of RPS membership and, if relevant, Your Faculty stage 

The Regulator

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) or any other name it may be known by from time to time, and any statutory body subsequently established to carry out all or the substantial functions of the GPhC

The Register

The register of pharmacists administered by the GPhC or the predecessor regulator

Fees or Membership fees

All relevant fees You must pay us to be a member of the Society including for Faculty Membership

Membership benefits

Privileges, products and services provided by the Society to its members

Written or in writing

Communication that is either printed or electronic, which includes e-mails

Laws of the Society

The regulations, and codes, guidance or requirements of the Society as made available to members on the Society’s website


Behaviour which goes against the Laws of the Society, or any other professional standards which we from time to time adopt or observe

Good Standing

An applicant/member of good standing adheres with the Laws of the Society, its Terms and Conditions and where relevant, the statutory requirements of the General Pharmaceutical Council and the Code of Ethics & Standards

Suitable Standing

An applicant/member who has breached either the Terms and Conditions of membership and or the statutory requirements of the General Pharmaceutical Council and the Code of Ethics & Standards, can be considered to be of suitable standing where he or she demonstrates considerable effort and willingness to be of good standing and will be likely to meet those requirements over time. This decision will be determined by the Society at its sole discretion.

Membership Committee

The appointed group of RPS members that review non-standard applications and membership from time to time as and when required

Professional Credentialing Panel

Stewards of curricula/syllabus for professional development beyond registration alignment of both assessments and curricula.


The Royal Charter which incorporated the Society in 1843 as supplemented in 2004 and amended with effect from 27 September 2010.

1. Memberships 
1a. Society Membership and Eligibility

  • You must be of good or suitable standing in order to be a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • To be eligible for membership, You must meet the requirements relevant to the category of membership You are applying for
  • We may check Your eligibility for membership with another organisation such as the GPhC where relevant and You may have to provide proof that You meet the requirements to join the Society. We will not accept Your application if we can’t confirm Your eligibility.
  • If You are on the Register and are undergoing a formal review of Your professional standing You must tell us, we may have to put Your application on hold and will refer Your application for review by our Membership Committee. It does not mean that Your application will be subsequently unsuccessful. 
  • We have the right not to accept applications for any reason but will offer You the opportunity to appeal the decision. 
  • By submitting an application for  membership You confirm You have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and agree to keep to them and the Laws of the Society
  • By completing an application for membership You confirm You have read and understood the requirements for eligibility of membership. If we do not accept Your application for membership on grounds of ineligibility, You will only be entitled to a refund of up to 50% of any fees already paid.
  • If we accept Your application and You pay Your membership fee, we will enable Your access to all member services

We may amend our membership criteria from time to time. You should review our website where we will highlight updates on our Membership page
1b. Faculty Membership and Eligibility

  • To be eligible for Faculty membership You must be an existing member of the Society in any appropriate membership category and be of good standing as set out in section 1a. 
    • Existing member means You have paid all required membership fees and Your membership status is not Lapsed
  • You must have completed at least two years of post registration practice 
    • Your submission of a statement of eligibility is a formal declaration by You, that You have completed at least two years of post registration practice and are entitled to access Faculty resources
  • You must provide evidence and information by building a portfolio which demonstrates You have achieved the required level of professional practice as set out in the “Faculty Handbook” 
    • We will refer the evidence and information You have provided to the relevant assessment board who will make a formal assessment as set out in the assessment guide (due to be published at the end of June 2013) 
  • Your  awarded Faculty membership will reflect the stage   of professional practice You have demonstrated
    • Your Faculty membership will commence from the date of our confirmation of Your Faculty post-nominals.
  • The requirements for attaining Faculty membership is set out in detail in the “Faculty Handbook” to which we will refer You from time to time in relation to terms and conditions, and policies which apply
  • If we do not make explicit reference to some points here but which is understood to form part of any terms, rules or policies You or we must follow, which are set out in the “Faculty Handbook”  we may later refer to that section of the Handbook to inform You of these points.

1c. Student Membership and Eligibility

  • To  be  eligible  for Student membership  You  must  be enrolled  as  a student  on  a School of Pharmacy  Practice  course and  be  of  good  standing  as  set  out  in  section  1a. Student memberships to students studying at Great Britain universities are gratis.
  • Your  Student  membership  will  automatically  terminate  should  your  status  as  a  pharmacy student cease. Students who successfully graduate from their pharmacy courses are eligible for Membership in any appropriate membership category that is relevant to them.
  • As  part  of  our  contract  with  you  as  a  student  member,  we  will  provide  you  with  relevant professional  development  information  including  guidance  and  access  to  relevant  events, publications and online tools.
  • By  accepting  these  Membership  Terms  and  Conditions,  you  are  accepting  joint  membership with the British Pharmacy Students Association (“BPSA”). You authorise RPS to share your details with the BPSA, and you authorise RPS and BPSA to process your data pursuant to clause 8 of these Terms and Conditions.

2. Membership Committee

  • We will inform the Membership Committee of members who have either been removed/ suspended from the Register or subject to a criminal investigation. The committee will recommend appropriate and proportionate action both in terms of support and Your membership generally.
  • You must abide by decisions made by the Membership Committee.
  • You have the right to appeal decisions made by the Membership Committee. We will explain Your rights under our appeals process.

3. Faculty Board and Quality Assurance Panels

  • We will ensure that the Faculty operates in an open, transparent, efficient, fair and equitable manner and conform to relevant standards and principles through the Faculty’s Quality Assurance Panels – Professional Credentialing, Curricula and Accreditation – with oversight and strategic direction setting from the Faculty Board.
  • You have the right to appeal decisions affecting Your Faculty membership and Status. We will explain Your rights under our appeals process.

4. Membership fees
4a. RPS Membership Fees 

  • When You become a member, You agree to pay an annual subscription for the services and benefits we will provide
  • If You choose to pay Your membership fee by Direct Debit we will automatically renew Your membership each year until You tell us not to or You cancel the payment instruction with Your bank. Your rights relating to this type of payment instruction are protected separately by the Direct Debit Guarantee.
  • We will confirm the relevant terms for Your chosen payment method over the phone or in writing before we debit Your account  
  • We will send You a payment reminder for Your membership at the end of each membership year which You ought to pay at least 30 days before Your membership ends. If You are paying by Direct Debit we will send You an advance notice as required before we debit Your account   
  • You will not be entitled to a refund of any fees already paid unless we make an error in which case we will refund the erroneous payment

We are allowed to change the membership fee or introduce additional charges and will notify You at least 30 days before they apply. 4b Faculty Membership Fees

  • When You submit Your portfolio for assessment and we accept Your submission, You agree to pay a one off assessment fee
    • The assessment fee will be due for each submission for assessment You make and is non-refundable
  • On being  awarded Faculty membership You agree to pay an annual subscription for additional services and benefits You will become entitled to, which we will include as part of Your annual RPS membership renewal payment
  • Faculty fees are subject to all the same restrictions and policies such as our refund policy as set out herein

5.  Cancellation of Memberships 
If You no longer wish to be a member of the Society You may opt out of renewing in writing providing at least one month’s notice before the start of the upcoming membership year.If You no longer wish to be a member of the Faculty You have the right to opt out of renewing in writing providing at least one month’s notice before the start of the upcoming membership year. Your RPS membership will not be affected 
If we make an error with processing Your membership fee resulting in fees being collected after cancellation, and You have told us in writing at least one month before the payment is due, we will refund the erroneous payment.

  • If You do any of the following we will be able to cancel Your membership at any time without notice and do not have to pay back any fees already paid: 
    1. Do not keep to the Terms and Conditions of Membership or the Laws of the Society 
    2. Fail to pay Your membership fees by the payment date we agreed 
    3. No longer make Your regular payments and do not make alternative arrangements   
    4. If You are no longer of good or suitable standing, are  alleged to be involved in any activity which in our opinion could jeopardise our reputation as the professional body, the reputation of our members or the pharmacy profession in general   
    5. Engage in any other activity that we may consider to be misconduct  
  • We have the right to defer a decision to cancel Your membership to our Membership Committee. Your membership may be suspended and You will not be entitled to access any benefits.
  • Faculty membership is exclusive to RPS members. If You cease being an RPS member for any reason including if You or We cancel Your RPS membership, You will no longer be a member of the Faculty.
  • If You or we cancel this agreement under any circumstance, We remain entitled to collect from You any outstanding membership fees for the relevant period Your during which membership was active

6. Post-nominal designatory letters, and Society Fellowship

  • You are entitled to use designatory letters after Your name appropriate to the category of membership You hold. The membership team will tell You which designatory letters You can use.
  • Faculty members are entitled to use additional designatory letters after their name appropriate to their Faculty stage. The Professional Credentialing Panel will tell You which designatory letters You can use.
  • You will immediately lose the right to use any designatory letters after Your name including Faculty post-nominals if Your membership is not kept up to date i.e. if You cancel Your membership or stop paying Your fees

RPS Fellowship is an awarded status reserved for members who meet additional criteria. If Your membership ceases for any reason, You can no longer retain the status of Fellow. You must request restoration of this awarded status in writing. 
7. Membership card & certificate 

  • We will send You a membership card and certificate when You become a member of the Society. You will be sent a replacement card every time You renew Your membership.
  • Your membership card and certificate are not endorsements to practise as a pharmacist nor can either be used as proof of Your good professional standing or entitle You to special privileges other than as made available through the Society. 
  • Membership cards and certificates remain the property of the Society

8. Personal Data and Marketing

  • If you have chosen to provide us with your personal details, that data will only be used by us in accordance with these terms and conditions, for the purpose of the legitimate aims and objectives of the society.
  • Any information you provide to us will be put onto our database and processed by us for marketing purposes, market research, tracking of sales data, contacting you regarding membership renewals, late payment and other membership information. All communication and data processing is carried out in order to provide you with services, contact you, or send you publications.
  • We may disclose your data to specially selected third parties, professional advisers, agents and suppliers only for the purposes set out in these terms and conditions. Disclosure of data to third parties, suppliers, or agents will only occur for the purposes of contracting with Data Processors pursuant to a strict Data Processing Agreement, to enable marketing campaigns for the purpose of notifying members regarding expired, pending, altering or renewing membership or other membership purposes.
  • Indicating your acceptance to these terms and conditions, indicates your acceptance to having your data processed in this way. If you do not consent to having your data processed in this way please contact [email protected]

9 RPS Services and Resources
9a RPS Support

  • Any advice that You receive from the Society by way of RPS Support (which includes telephone advice, responses to any submission made by You via our online enquiry form and responses to any email queries) or other communications is provided to You subject to the following Terms and Conditions for information and advice. The submission by You of an enquiry via any of the methods mentioned above shall constitute acceptance of those terms and conditions.    

9b Faculty Resources and Tools

  • All eligible members of the Society who have completed a minimum of up to two years of post registration practice will upon correctly completing and submitting through an accepted method, a statement of eligibility form, will be granted access to the Faculty resources and tools

9c General

  • When We offer a service to members We will ensure it is relevant and accessible
  • We will keep You informed about the Society and any changes that affect Your membership.
  • We will provide You with an opportunity to influence the Society’s approach to membership.
  • We will stand by any promise, offer or promotion We make available to You during the course of Your membership.
  • We will ensure we have adequate and suitable systems and procedures in place and offer a high level of service
  • We will fix any disruption to the service You experience as promptly as is reasonably possible

We retain the right to alter, suspended or withdraw services, products, privileges or offers at anytime without notice
10. The Society and Governing Law

  • In some circumstances we may decide not to do something which we are entitled to do under these terms, or the Laws of the Society but it does not mean we are waiving (giving up) our rights.  
  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.

11.  Refund of membership fees

  • We do not refund membership fees including Faculty assessment fees and renewal fees already paid under any circumstance
  • If You are paying by Direct Debit We will send You an Advance Notice of any pending payment at least ten days before Your payment is due. If You fail to alert us to any errors which result in an error with Your payment amount or the due date You will not be entitled to a refund
  • Exceptions  may apply as described under:
    • Membership & Eligibility, see section 1a
    • Membership Fees, see section 4
    • Cancellation of memberships see section 5
  • If You believe You  any of these exceptions apply, You must make Your claim within 6 months of the original payment being made, otherwise We will not be obliged to make any repayment