RPS Bank Card Pre-Authorisation Policy

What is a Pre-Authorisation?

A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of a specific amount of the available balance on a credit or debit card that is provided upon booking. The pre-authorisation is not a charge and no funds have been debited from your account.

How much is a Pre-Authorisation?

The amount that we pre-authorise will be the equivalent of the applicable Non-Attendance Fee for any free events run by RPS (usually £30 unless advertised otherwise at the point of booking).

Why is the credit card pre-authorised?

When you give us a credit/debit card, the pre-authorisation guarantees us that the funds are available to pay for the Non-Attendance Fee which represents the charges and losses incurred by RPS as a result of you making an event booking.

Who is responsible for the Pre-Authorisation procedure?

WorldPay are responsible for the maintenance and management of the pre-authorisation process. Should you have any queries regarding your pre-authorisation or any part of the process, you should contact them directly.

When does the Pre-Authorisation get released from the bank card?

This varies dependent on your individual credit/debit card. You may be charged a Non-Attendance Fee if you fail to attend an RPS Event, or if you cancel within 14 days of the Event, as set out in our Event Terms and Conditions. This fee will usually be charged within 10 days of the Event and appear on your card statement within 3 working days. However if you choose to pay the Non-Attendance Fee in another way, we will cancel the pre-authorisation and this can take up to 15 days to clear in your account.

RPS is NOT charging your bank card. A pre-authorisation is a security guarantee for payment only. The pre-authorisation fund is not held by RPS, the company who provide the credit card system or by the authorising bank. The pre-authorisation fund is held on your card by your own issuing bank. A pre-authorisation can be held on your card for a minimum of 10 to 15 working days. Pre-authorisation should be released by your issuing bank automatically, if not you will need to contact your home issuing bank.

***Please note that RPS reserves the right to pre-authorize your bank card 14 days prior to the Event. Non-valid credit cards will result in automatic cancellation of the Event booking.