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  • 07/11/2017



Webinar FAQ

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We have collated some frequently asked questions from previous webinars we have hosted to help you if you have problems.

Before the webinar

How do I test that I can use WebEx?

To participate in a webinar you need to install the WebEx client on your machine. If you using a workplace machine you may need to check with your IT Team.

If you are having problems with the webinar or you would like to test your PC browser and operating system please cut and paste the following link into the address bar of your internet browser for Webex technical support :

The link does not work, I can’t join the webinar, is there another way?

Yes, copy and paste into your search browser address bar (or google “rpsgb webex” and choose link above)

  • Scroll down site to the webinar you wish to attend and choose “join”
  • Enter your details and password you was sent on your joining email. Please note: “join” will only appear if the host has started the webinar. (normally half and hour before scheduled start time)

  • I do not have access to a PC, can I join any other way, for example a mobile device?

    You can download the WebEx app on Apple devices. Once installed you will be asked to enter a meeting number will be provided in your joining instructions with other details for the webinar.

    I have logged onto the event but I am having trouble starting the event.

    Attendees joining a WebEx session for the first time are prompted to download a file - this should always be done in advance of the event time and details on this are above. You can also try the following if you are still have errors displayed:

  • Disable any active popup blockers
  • Clear cache (Temporary Internet files) and cookies
  • Confirm that ActiveX controls are enabled (Internet Explorer Only)
  • Add WebEx as a trusted site in browser
  • Manually install WebEx Client on computer
  • If even after following the steps attendees/hosts are unable to join the session then please call Webex technical support line 0800 358 1236 for further troubleshooting.

    During the webinar

    I have joined the webinar but I have lost the picture information on the screen, is there any way I can get it back?

    First of all, try pressing the refresh button on your PC/Laptop (this is normally button F5). If this does not work, then please try closing the webinar and rejoining the webinar by reclicking on the link that was sent to you. Please note: If you have a slow internet connection, this may be causing problems with downloading.

    After the webinar

    I missed the webinar, where can I view the recording?

    We have a number of previous webinars which can be replayed on our website. Please visit

    At the end of the webinar event, I was asked to fill in a feedback form, this popped up and then disappeared, where can I download and fill this in?

    All webinar attendees will be sent a follow up email and this will contain a link to the survey.

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