responding to consultations

We frequently respond to consultations issued by a range of organisations including Government Departments, regulatory bodies and other healthcare and professional bodies.

Organisations running consultations seek views and feedback on proposals to change policy, draft guidance, standards documents and other call for evidence.

We respond on behalf of the membership to ensure that pharmacy has a clear, strong voice in all discussions which affect healthcare and pharmacy. Our aim is to ensure that the views of members and experts within the profession are reflected in our responses to consultations, therefore we work in partnership with expert groups to provide a coordinated response to consultations where appropriate.

If you would like to provide your input to consultations we are responding to, please email [email protected]

Open consultations

The future of UK Life Sciences - Lords Committee launches a new inquiry | Lords Select Committee | 15/09/2017

FPH Workforce Strategy & Standards Document 2017 Draft for Consultation | Faculty of Public Health Of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom | 15/09/2017

Suspected neurological conditions: Draft guidance consultation | NICE | 19/09/2017

Diverticular Disease: Draft scope consultation | NICE | 20/09/2017

Gender Identity Services for Adults | NHS England | 30/09/2017

Physical activity and the environment (update): Draft guidance consultation | NICE | 02/10/2017

People's experience in adult social care services: improving the experience of care for people using adult social care services: Draft guidance consultation | NICE | 03/10/2017

Quality Standards for Osteoporosis and Fracture Prevention | National Osteoporosis Society | 05/10/2017

NICE quality standard on mental health of adults in contact with the criminal justice system | NICE | 05/10/2017

NICE Parkinson’s disease quality standard | NICE | 05/10/2017

Draft guideline on Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (update) | NICE | 05/10/2017

Reporting side effects of medicines | EMA | 09/10/2017

Consultation on guidance to ensure a safe and effective pharmacy team | GPhC | 11/10/2017

Transformation of Health and Care in the Digital Single Market | European Commission | 12/10/2017

Public Health England’s Consultation on time to Chlamydia Results and Treatment Standard | Public Health England | 13/10/2017

Proposed changes to the statutory scheme to control the cost of branded health service medicines | Department of Health | 17/10/2017

Items which should not be routinely prescribed in primary care: A Consultation on guidance for CCGs | NHS England | 21/10/2017 

A reformed post-compulsory education and training system | Welsh Government | 23/10/2017

Call for evidence and briefing note: EEA-workers in the UK labour market | Migration Advisory Commitee (MAC) | Migration Advisory Commitee (MAC) | 27/10/2017

Sexual health, reproductive health and HIV: commissioning review | Public Health England31/10/2017

Proposed legal requirements to provide information about health service products | Department of Health | 14/11/20017

Brexit: reciprocal healthcare inquiry launched | House of Lords | 24/11/2017

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