responding to consultations

We frequently respond to consultations issued by a range of organisations including Government Departments, regulatory bodies and other healthcare and professional bodies.

Organisations running consultations seek views and feedback on proposals to change policy, draft guidance, standards documents and other call for evidence.

We respond on behalf of the membership to ensure that pharmacy has a clear, strong voice in all discussions which affect healthcare and pharmacy. Our aim is to ensure that the views of members and experts within the profession are reflected in our responses to consultations, therefore we work in partnership with expert groups to provide a coordinated response to consultations where appropriate.

If you would like to provide your input to consultations we are responding to, please email [email protected]

Open consultations 

Social Work England: consultation on secondary legislative framework | Department for Education | 21/03/2018 

Our next phase of regulation: consultation 3, independent healthcare | Care Quality Commission | 23/03/2018

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity's inquiry | All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity | 30/03/2018

Respiratory Taskforce - call for evidence | The Taskforce for Lung Health | 30/03/2018

Health institution exemption for IVDR/MDR | MHRA | 31/03/2019

NICE guideline on CG189 Obesity: identification, assessment and management (2014) | NICE | 03/04/2018

BMI: preventing ill health and premature death in black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups | NICE | 03/04/2018

Eating disorders: Quality standard consultation | NICE | 09/04/2018

Intermediate care including reablement: Quality standard consultation| NICE | 11/04/2018

Preventing suicide in community and custodial settings: Draft guidance consultation | NICE | 12/04/2018

Professor Sir Norman Williams Review | Department of Health and Social Care  | 13/04/2018

Cancer of the upper aerodigestive tract ( update) (NG36): Draft guidance consultation | NICE | 13/04/2018

Draft Autism (Wales) Bill | National Assembly for Wales | 17/04/2018

Pancreatitis: diagnosis and management: Draft guidance consultation | NICE | 25/04/2018

Chronic heart failure in adults: diagnosis and management: Draft guidance consultation | NICE | 26/04/2078

Engagement Process of the Draft Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2018 | Scottish Government | 30/04/2018

Cost effectiveness methodology for vaccination programmes | Department of Health and Social Care | 21/05/2018 

Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework: Subject-level | Department for Education | 21/05/2018

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