How you can get involved

We provide a collective voice for the profession, reflecting the views and experience of our members at a national level. That's why we encourage and enable our members to engage with key stakeholders locally, and to actively support our national work. Here's how you can join in.

General election 2017

The coming weeks will see general election candidates across the UK campaigning to win their constituents’ votes on Thursday 8 June.

With only a few short weeks to go, and with a range of issues jostling for attention, we need your help to ensure that election candidates better understand and recognise the vital role that pharmacists play in supporting people’s health. Despite the headlines, healthcare remains one of the key issues facing Britain and the election offers you the opportunity to have your say and help make the voice of the profession heard.


What can I do?

  1. Find out who your local constituency candidates are, and send them a copy of our 'general election toolkit'  using our sample email (feel free to personalise it!), which asks them to show their support for the profession.
  2. Ask candidates to voice their support for pharmacy on social media (e.g. Twitter/Facebook) using the hashtag #pharmacy17.
  3. Invite candidates to see where you work, take a photo, and show them first-hand how pharmacists make a real difference to their constituents’ health.

If you arrange a visit with a candidate, you can let us know at [email protected].

What is the general election toolkit?

"Right Medicine - Better Health - Fitter Future" is a four-page booklet aimed at general election candidates which includes:

  1. A pledge to support pharmacy, which can also be printed for candidates to physically sign.
  2. An infographic on the value of pharmacists’ expertise.
  3. Policy highlights.
  4. Tips on how candidates can show their support, as well as additional background information.

You can download the toolkit if you want to attach it to your email, or email the link to candidates directly (this is already in the sample email).

Should I check with my employer?

Yes. You should check with your employer if you are planning on contacting election candidates or inviting them to visit your workplace and this may be included in the conditions of your employment. Your employer or head office may also be able to offer further advice and support.

Who else should I tell?

If you are interested in arranging visits for candidates, let your Local Practice Forum and Local Pharmaceutical Committee know as well.

How do I find my local election candidates?

Many parties are still trying to select their candidates in some constituencies, but your local elections office, run by the local authority, will publish a list of all candidates standing for election in your area.

More information is available from the Electoral Commission.

You can also try other websites, such as, to help find local candidates. If you want them to visit your pharmacy, you should enter that postcode rather than where you live.

What other resources are available?

A number of pharmacy organisations will be publishing general election materials on

Other ways to get involved