Science, Evidence, and Innovation


Pharmaceutical science encompasses our pharmacy knowledge in the basic, applied and social sciences. It cuts across the discovery, development, delivery, quality, safety, efficacy, regulation, and usage of medicines and medical devices. It spans every aspect of pharmacy practice, underpinning all evidence based pharmacy activity. 

We have a number of programmes to support science, evidence and innovation in pharmacy across all areas of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science, all driven by the RPS ‘New Medicines, Better Medicines, Better Use of Medicines’ roadmap for science.

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What we're working on

Mapping the UK research landscape

A two-year project to map the UK pharmacy research and evaluation landscape was started in 2016. Seeking to better understand activity levels for research and evidence generation activities, the project is investigating active work, the research workforce, researchers in training, and topics of published evidence. In 2017, our work will focus on the mapping the workforce and pharmacy publications.

Identifying research priorities

Our New Medicines, Better Medicines, Better Use of Medicines roadmap (2014) sets out a series of challenges and recommendations to improve the evidence base for pharmacy. In 2017, building on initial results from a landscape mapping survey and other national strategic drivers, we will initiate a project with national stakeholders, including the NIHR and pharmacy stakeholders, to identify top research needs across the sector and set our priorities.

Embed research and evaluation in your professional development

We offer a range of programmes and support tools to help you, such as our Research, Evidence and Evaluation toolkit, designed to support you in your professional development.

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