Pharmacy Research Landscape Mapping

Looking at research and innovation activity in pharmacy and pharmaceutical research: who is doing what, when, how and where in the UK

This project aims to better understand the levels of engagement and involvement of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists in research and other activities which generate evidence. We are using a range of techniques to gather this information.

The initial step on this mapping project was to undertake a UK-wide survey. This pilot study provided the preliminary evidence-based findings of the UK Research Landscape Map, suggesting involvement of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists from initial stages of drug discovery and development through to medicines use and optimisation, pharmacy practice and educational research.

  • 216 researchers and teams from across the UK
  • 475 research, audit, quality improvement and service evaluation projects captured
  • submissions from community, hospital and academic pharmacy and related teams
  • medicines related projects submitted by other healthcare professionals
  • publication for this study is currently under development.

The next steps of the project during 2017 and 2018 will map key topics and themes that pharmacy professionals are actively exploring, including publications. 

The RPS Map of Evidence also plays an important role in this project as it is a way of showcasing pharmacy and pharmaceutical research. Together with the RPS Map of Evidence, other publicly available research databases are being used to cross-reference and add evidence to the UK Pharmacy Research Landscape.

We aim to continue developing this project as we anticipate it will enable us to identify key areas for further action and how we can better shape our resources and services to fit the needs of our members, partners and collaborators. In 2017, our work will specifically focus on mapping pharmacy publications and the workforce involved with these.

We would be very interested to hear about your research, projects and innovation activities. You can share and showcase them through our Map of Evidence or by contacting us at [email protected] for more information.

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