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The Pharmacy Quality Roadshows are a collaboration between key strategic bodies within Scotland who have a common aim of driving improvement in the quality of pharmacy services and practice in response to the Rebalancing Programme.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has committed with the Department of Health (DH) and the Scottish Government to raise awareness of the Rebalancing of Pharmacy Legislation (providing a defence against inadvertent dispensing errors) and to support the changes in pharmacy practice and culture required. The work will be framed within the broader NHS Scotland policy commitment to drive improvement in the quality and safety of patient care.

To take this forward, the RPS in Scotland has worked collaboratively with NHS Education for Scotland (NES), Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), Community Pharmacy Scotland (CPS), the ALLIANCE and the Directors of Pharmacy. The collaborative has developed Pharmacy Quality Roadshow that includes a strategic presentation and a workshop that can be delivered by each NHS Board from November 2016 to May 2017. There will be an opportunity to repeat or follow up this workshop via NES and RPS local events.

Strategic aim of the project

The aim of the Quality Roadshow workshops is to:

  • highlight national drivers for change
  • improve patient safety by encouraging a safety culture
  • drive quality improvement approach to increase reporting, learning, sharing and action by pharmacy teams to reduce or prevent dispensing errors

Latest news

In November 2017, the Scottish Government released NHS Circular PCA (P)(2017) 13 which refers to quality improvement activities in the pharmacy setting. Annamarie McGregor, Practice Development Lead, RPS in Scotland, said: "I welcome the circular and the continuing commitment to quality improvement. Team involvement in ensuring the NSAID bundles are embedded in day to day practice will enhance patient care and improve safety. This provides the opportunity of enhancing and standardising the clinical check of presentations in this high risk area. RPS clinical check and counselling guidance could be used for any related training."

RPS continues to support quality improvement through RPS local Pharmacy Quality Roadshows. Look out for events in your area.

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