Membership fees

Standard fee Monthly DD* Annual DD*
Member, Fellow, Associate, Pharmaceutical Scientist
£202  from £16.83 £192
Pre-registration trainee
£74  from £6.16 £71
FREE (£50 for overseas)

* Direct Debit payments can only be accepted from UK account holders.

Our membership year runs from 1 March, if you are applying for membership after this date the amount you pay will be calculated pro-rata.

** If you are a pre-registration trainee your membership fee will not be pro-rated.

Discounted rates

The Society recognises the importance of supporting individuals who have recently qualified as pharmacists, that's why we offer discounted fees to our Members in the first three years of their career.

  Standard fee Monthly DD* Annual DD*
Year of qualification ***
(Includes first year after qualification)
from £101  from £8.41 from £96
First year after qualification £101  from £8.41 £96
Second year after qualification £151  from £12.58 £144

We also offer the following discounts to our Associate, Member and Pharmaceutical Scientist members.

  Standard fee Monthly DD* Annual DD*
Not working
Maternity leave
Long-term illness
£74  from £6.16 £71
Retired £74  from £6.16 £71
Overseas **** £106  from £8.83 £101

To receive our discounted rates, you should ensure your employment information is correct when you apply for membership or renew. The reduction will be applied automatically.

*** If you join or upgrade in the same year that you qualified, you will be charged a reduced pro-rated amount from the date you join or upgrade for the remainder of that year and the following year. Therefore if you both qualify and upgrade to Member in 2016, your membership will remain valid until the end of February 2018.

**** Overseas fee applies to all category types when outside Great Britain, the Isle of Man and Channel Islands unless otherwise stated.

Reclaiming your tax

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society is an HMRC approved (List 3) professional body. If you are a UK taxpayer, the fee you pay for your membership, and your Faculty membership, may be tax-deductible (eligible for tax relief).

Higher rate tax-payers may be entitled to tax relief of £80.80, while lower rate tax-payers may be able to save £40.40 on their Society membership fees.

We suggest that if you wish to claim tax relief against your professional fees, it would be best to contact your local HMRC office, noting to them that the Royal Pharmaceutical Society is an approved (List 3) professional body.

To help you, we've created a standard letter which you can use when writing to your local HMRC office.

Please note: Tax relief can only be claimed if the member is working and their membership is relevant to the job they are working in.

Accepted payment methods

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Terms and conditions and refund information

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