RPS collaboration with NHS Education for Scotland (NES)

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) is working with the RPS to align its vocational training programmes to the RPS Roadmap and the RPS Vision for the Workforce. In particular, RPS and NES are working closely on aligning VT Foundation Training and the RPS Foundation Programme, with the aim that RPS members will receive their RPS Certificate of Completion of Foundation Training upon completion of VT Foundation Training. This is another example of our commitment to reducing duplication of effort. VT Foundation Training is currently available for practitioners in both hospital and primary care settings, and a pilot is planned for community pharmacists in the near future.


The RPS in Scotland and NES have also created a joint NES/RPS post to ensure support and development for foundation pharmacists in the community setting in Scotland.


We are also collaborating with NES on the Pharmacists working in GP Practices Competency Framework, aligning it to the four RPS stages: Foundation, Advanced stage I, Advanced stage II and Mastery. We have also been working with the Royal College of General Practitioners in Scotland on a Joint Policy Statement on General Practice Based Pharmacists.

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