RPS consultation on the role of the pharmacist

In an environment of increasing public expectations, workforce pressures, significant scientific and technological advances, it is important for the pharmacy profession to define its aspirations as to the role of the pharmacist, now and in future.  By defining the contribution of pharmacists not only to the healthcare team but more widely we can also reaffirm our commitment to patients and public.

The pharmacy profession is varied and pharmacists undertake diverse roles, some patient facing some non-patient facing which may also encompass research, teaching, leadership, business development and management.  Therefore it is important from the outset to be clear about what core attributes and abilities that are unique to our profession.

We would like to hear your views about the RPS draft statement that has been developed on the role of the pharmacist.  You can respond to this consultation in a number of different ways.  You can complete the survey by downloading the consultation document from the RPS website or go to our survey where you can complete the online survey.  If you complete the survey in the downloaded document, please send it to [email protected]  or post it to us at:

Workforce Development
Professional Development & Support
Royal Pharmaceutical Society
66-68 East Smithfield

We hope that the statement on the role of the pharmacist will eventually become RPS policy and evolve into a consensus statement that is supported by members of the profession, stakeholder organisations (including employers), patients and public.  The statement is not intended as a full description on the scope of practice but a description of core attributes and abilities across all sectors.  If a particular sector wants to adapt and expand on the statement in future then it can serve as a basis for that.

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