Tell us how you are supporting antimicrobial stewardship

Antibiotic resistance is growing and is one of the great health threats of our time. The RPS is launching a new collaborative campaign at its Conference in September to help achieve the necessary reduction in inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics  You can help us build this future campaign by telling us about the role of pharmacists in fighting antibiotic resistance through good stewardship of these precious medicines.

Our campaign will celebrate the impact that existing pharmacy lead work is already having on improving antimicrobial stewardship. We’re keen to hear about examples of the work that is happening in hospitals, community pharmacy and all other settings, to feature in a forthcoming RPS policy report on antimicrobial stewardship.

 The work you do could include:

  • Providing flu vaccinations which protect individuals from infection and reduces the need for antibiotics
  • Giving self-care advice, especially on urinary tract infections and upper respiratory tract infections, which means fewer people visit the GP asking for unnecessary antibiotics
  • Challenging inappropriate antibiotic prescribing 

 Please complete the survey which closes on 31st July and help us demonstrate to everyone that pharmacists can make a difference.

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