Clearly demonstrate that your professional development and educational materials are of the highest quality with RPS Accreditation. 

The RPS mark of Accreditation associates you with the RPS and the professional development of pharmacists and other health and social care professionals.

You'll also:

  • Support the professional development needs of our members and other healthcare professionals in advancing their knowledge, skills and experience including their CPD
  • Support those on their Foundation and Faculty journeys and as part of their wider professional development
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the delivery of high quality professional development to RPS members and health care associates
  • Contribute to raising standards in pharmacy, medicines management and patient care

RPS will also promote your educational resources - we signpost all our accredited training and providers on our website.

Accreditation types

Depending on the target audience and the scope of the training provided, we offer three types of accreditation

RPS Accreditation

For resources and training providers that support the professional development of pharmacists, the pharmacy team and/or the wider healthcare profession

Faculty Accreditation

Reserved for resources and training providers that support pharmacists working towards Faculty membership or building their Faculty portfolio. These resources must align to the Advanced Pharmacy Framework (APF)

Foundation Accreditation

For resources, training providers and Foundation Schools that support pharmacists, in particular the development of those in their first 1000 days of practice, returning to work after a career break or changing their scope of practice. These resources must align to the Foundation Pharmacy Framework (FPF).

What we accredit

Training and development materials and events

Currently we offer accreditation of training and development materials and events that fall into the following categories:

  • Training Programmes - e.g. training with a face to face component, distant learning courses, e-learning programmes e.g. online educational training courses/modules
  • Published materials and editorial content - e.g. journal articles, educational and training workshops
  • Training Events - e.g. conferences, congresses, seminars, workshops, face to face training events

Pharmacy Foundation Schools

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RPS Endorsement

We also provide support and recognition for important pieces of work from other healthcare organisations through our endorsement service. 

By endorsing resources and initiatives we clearly demonstrate our profession's key role in patient care.