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Accreditation of training resources

We accredit training programmes, published materials, editorial content and training events which are produced by independent training providers, third sector organisations, or NHS Trusts.

The RPS accreditation logo demonstrates to customers and stakeholders that your educational materials have been through a rigorous, independent evaluation and review process, and meet the highest standards of quality.

What we accredit

  • Training programmes: face to face training programmes, distance learning courses, or e-learning programmes.
  • Training materials: stand-alone educational materials, short articles and resources.
  • Training events: conferences, congresses, seminars, workshops or face to face training events.

If you are interested in our accreditation service, please email us at [email protected] and a member of our team will get in touch with further information.

About us

Since 1841, we have been internationally recognised as leaders in supporting the safe and effective use of medicines. Our Royal Charter states our intent of "advancing chemistry and pharmacy and promoting a uniform system of education". We recognise and promote excellence in education materials through our wide networks of professionals and affiliated organisations.

Every day, healthcare professionals in more than 130 countries turn to our publications and resources detailing critical medicines information, including the BNF, Martindale and many more. 

As award-winning publications, The Pharmaceutical Journal and Clinical Pharmacist are trusted sources of medicines information and education, and reach over 600,000 online readers each month, and over 40,000 pharmacists in Great Britain.