Using your new networks

We've made some changes to the way our online groups & LFPs work, and how you're notified about activity in these groups. We've done this in response to feedback from members that they were receiving too many emails from us, and to comply with new data protection legislation which will come into force soon.

We're keen that the networks are engaging and vibrant. You can now access them on your mobile phone and tablet devices, which we hope will encourage you to access them regularly rather than waiting for a notification to appear in your inbox. 

Read our handy list of frequently asked questions below to help you make the most of our new networking facility.

How do I...?

Join a group or an LPF? Join a group or an LPF?

On our Network > Theme and Network > Location pages, you have a new search facility which allows you to search for groups you can join. From the suggested results, click the name of a group to go to it's home page. 

Network search

You can then choose the Join button from there.


Alternatively, you can browse through our list of networks, choosing the join option on the tile, as shown below, or by going to the network's home page and joining from there, as shown above.


Please note, this doesn't automatically opt you in to receiving email notifications about this group, please see our other FAQ below for information on how to do this.

See which groups I'm a member of? See which groups I'm a member of?

Once you're on either the Network > Theme, or Network > Location page, simply scroll down to see the list of groups and choose the "My Groups" button above the tiles.


Create a new post? Create a new post?

You can create two different kinds of posts in networks now; Answers and Discussions. For simplicity, we'll go through how to add a discussion, but it's a very similar process to ask a question in the Answers tab.

Navigate to the network you'd like to post a discussion in, and select "Discussions" from the tabs. Then "Start Topic".


You'll get a pop-up window which will ask you to complete three fields, the title of your post, the content of your post, and some "tags" - these help your content be found more easily through our on-site search engine. The Subscribe option makes sure you're notified of any replies to your post.


Once you've clicked Save, your post will now be visible in the Activity tab, as well as the Discussions tab.

Upload a document to a network? Upload a document to a network?

To upload a document to a network, ensure you're logged in and then navigate to the group you'd like to add your file to. You won't be able to see any files in the group, or upload a document if you're logged out of our website.

Then select Documents from the list of tabs.


Scroll down past the list of files, and either drag and drop your file into the box, or click the area to open up the file browser.


Once the file has been uploaded, a tick will display over the icon to let you know the action has been completed successfully. You'll need to refresh the page to see your uploaded document in the list of files.

If you'd like to include a link to your document in a discussion or answer post, you can right click on the title and use the "Get URL" option to copy the address of the file.


Receive email notifications of new posts and activity in a group? Receive email notifications of new posts and activity in a group?

In order to receive e-mail notifications about new posts and activity in a group, you now need to subscribe to the various "sections" of a group, so we don't send you any more e-mails than you'd like to receive. 

To do this, first, navigate to the group you'd like to receive notifications from. Then select "Discussions" from the tabs along the top.


Then simply click the "Subscribe to new Topics link" underneath the introduction.


You can also unsubscribe from new discussions in the same way.

Manage which groups I get notifications from? Manage which groups I get notifications from?

To manage your notifications, make sure you're logged in and simply hover (or click if you're on a mobile device) on the "Profile" tile on the left hand side menu, and select Communications Preferences.


Then click "Network subscriptions" on the list of tabs.


Here you'll see the networks, and areas, you're subscribed to.


To remove a subscription, and stop receiving email notifications, click the X next to the relevant subscription.

You can also choose how frequently you are sent emails (notifications) about activity in the networks you're subscribed to. You can choose from instantly, hourly, daily, or weekly. 

See upcoming events? See upcoming events?

To see upcoming events, navigate to the home page of group or LPF you'd like to see events for, then click the "Events" tab.


Manage events, as an event organiser? Manage events, as an event organiser?

To add, or manage your events - including downloading attendee lists, go to the "Events" tab on the relevant network as detailed above and click the "Manage Events" button that appears below the tabs.


Send a private message? Send a private message?

There are a number of ways to send a user a private message;

  • from a post or reply they've made
  • from our member search
  • from the group member list.

From a post or reply

To send another user a private message from a post or reply they've added in a network, simply click on their name next to their post.


This will take you to their public profile, from here, just click the button with an envelope on it to open the Compose Message window.


From our member search

Go to Network > Member search and type in the name of the member you're looking for, click Search. Once the results are returned, you can just click the envelope icon next to their name.


From the group member list

When you're on a home page for a group, click where it says "Members" underneath the group image to see all the members in a group.


You can see these members in alphabetical order or use the search option to find the member you'd like to message, then click the envelope icon next to their name.