#Pharmacy24 in 2024

#Pharmacy24 logo#Pharmacy24 is back!

Thursday, 28 March 2024, saw the return of #Pharmacy24, celebrating the breadth and diversity of pharmacy.

On that day, we asked YOU to highlight the great work of pharmacy teams across all sectors and locations on social media by sharing your positive messages and recognition of their great work.

Celebrate #Pharmacy24 using the hashtag:


Why Thursday, 28 March?

As the last working day before the Easter holidays, this was the busiest day of the year for many pharmacists.

Who is Pharmacy24 for?

#Pharmacy24 is for everyone in pharmacy, and across all sectors: pharmacists, pharmacy students, pharmacy teams, researchers, and academia.

Above all, #Pharmacy24 is open to EVERYONE.

Why support #Pharmacy24?

In 2021, #Pharmacy24 generated over 21 million impressions on X (Twitter), and was the number one trending topic there for most of the day.

All the positive messages from pharmacy professionals, students, and members of the public helped them see the breadth of support for pharmacy that many had not recognised previously.

The passion, purpose and diversity showcased by #Pharmacy24 demonstrates that pharmacy can rise to the challenge and continue to provide great care.

What should I make my post about?

In2024, we wanted to focus on three particular areas of pharmacy:

  • Medicines access
  • Evolving roles
  • Diversity within the profession.

So, your #Pharmacy24 posts could celebrate:

  • Pharmacists delivering Pharmacy First
  • Pharmacist prescribers
  • How pharmacy is increasing access to medicines
  • New pharmacy roles in new areas, e.g., IT, entrepreneurs, educators, researchers...
  • The diversity of pharmacy teams; how pharmacists meet diverse patient needs; addressing language and cultural issues (#Pharmacy24 takes place during Ramadan and just before Easter)
  • Sustainability and greener pharmacy.

Why not get inspired by previous #Pharmacy24 posts? Search for our hashtag #Pharmacy24 on X (Twitter).

How can you help?

We want everyone to get behind this social media event. To help us do this, you can:

  • Promote you and your teams' work. Get involved!
  • Share the date with your networks and on your social media platforms, e.g. X (Twitter), as well as Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Prepare messages and tweets in advance - including videos and events that broadcast on the day on all social media platforms
  • Arrange a #Pharmacy24 "takeover" of your corporate accounts, such as NHSE, NHS Digital and others did in 2021, highlighting work by their pharmacy teams and individuals.

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