Celebrating pharmacy's contribution during COVID-19


#Pharmacy24 has been an annual international twitter event to celebrate the breadth and diversity of pharmacy, on the busiest day of the pharmacy calendar usually during the day before the Easter holidays.

This year, #Pharmacy24 is making a comeback!

Following a year in which the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us all, the aims for this year’s event is to showcase and highlight the contributions that pharmacy teams have made and continue to make in response to the pandemic and the diversity within our profession. 

This could include examples of care you provide, how the pandemic has changed your practice, the way care is now being delivering to patients and examples of our contributions to the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

#Pharmacy24 is open to everyone in pharmacy, and to all sectors: pharmacy professionals, provisional registration pharmacists, Pre-Registration pharmacists, pharmacy students, pharmacy teams, researchers, academia and above all open to the public. 

This is pharmacy; where we invest our discretionary effort to go far beyond the minimum required to support patients and give purpose to our work. In the year of the one of the biggest health challenges known in history, help celebrate the contribution of pharmacy in keeping the public safe.

The last time we ran Pharmacy24, tweets on #pharmacy24 generated over 21 million impressions, and was the number one trending topic for most of the day.

After last year's event, many supportive messages from students, pharmacy professionals and members of the public were posted. For some this helped them see the breadth of opportunities within pharmacy that they had not recognised previously.

"Thank you for creating #pharmacy24. Such a great social media event for pharmacy!"


The passion, purpose and diversity showcased by #pharmacy24 demonstrates that notwithstanding the significant disruptive effects of the pandemic faced by all professions and industries, pharmacy can rise to the challenge and continue to provide great care.

This year there is a theme for #Pharmacy24, the theme is pharmacy in a pandemic and diversity within the profession, the diversity of:

  • Pharmacy’s contributions to the COVID-19 pandemic response
  • The pharmacy workforce
  • Roles
  • The population we serve
  • Careers.

Get involved

Different facets of pharmacy sharing common ground thanks to #Pharmacy24

We want the reach of #Pharmacy24 to be even greater than previous years! To do this, we want to work together with everyone to get behind this social media event.

We want you to:

  • Tell us if you want to get involved this year
  • Are you a frontline pharmacist? We want to share your COVID-19 response stories on social media - email us your stories on [email protected] or tag us - @rpharms - in your posts, so we can reshare
  • Share the date with your networks and on all your social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Prepare key messages and tweets in advance
  • Prepare videos and events that broadcast on the day on all social media platforms
  • Use the day to promote you and your teams work.

Get involved this year!

The date for #Pharmacy24 is currently set for Wednesday 7 April 2021.

Promote pharmacy across all social media platforms using the hashtag #pharmacy24