Accredited training and providers

We're committed to raising the standards of education and training to support the professional development of our members and the wider healthcare team.

Our aim is to set the standards for training, development and education for pharmacists and their teams, enabling them to advance, specialise and develop against the changing needs of patients and the public.

We are dedicated to providing access to a roadmap of quality assured education, training and development opportunities mapped to the RPS career stages, to every member through our accreditation service. RPS accreditation enables you to identify high quality materials, training providers, and events to support your professional development, and ultimately patient care.  

E-learning programmes

  Provider Valid until
HSC: Administration of Medicines Skillsoft Ltd 15 September 2018



DUPHAT 2017 Pharmacy Conference DUPHAT 22 February 2018
Clinical Pharmacy Congress 2017 CloserStill 8 March 2018
77th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2017 International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) 18 May 2018


Published materials

  Provider Valid until
Sleep Advice Pharmacy Training CIG Healthcare Partnership 4 February 2018
POM to P training for ellaOne - for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Support Staff CIG Healthcare Partnership 4 March 2018
Advising on heartburn and indigestion CIG Healthcare Partnership 29 March 2018
Pharmacist OTC analgesia training pack and pharmacy toolkit CIG Healthcare Partnership 15 June 2018
Managing FGIDs - The Nutritional Approach CIG Healthcare Partnership 2 February 2019


Training courses and programmes

  Provider Valid until
Alcohol Identification and brief advice (IBA) Alcohol Concern 4 January 2018
Medicines Awareness Training course Advance Care Training 3 February 2018
Confident Conversations Pfizer 19 February 2018
PROTECT - managing acid reflux: the pharmacist's role Lucid 2 March 2018
Medication Skills for Care - Foundation course AIT Medihelp Ltd 14 May 2018
European Pharmacy Network (EPN) programme Lloyds 19 March 2018
RBforhealth online learning platform Reckitt Benckiser 23 March 2018
Medicines Handling and management (for care homes) Invatech Health Ltd 8 June 2018
RBforhealth seminar series and support toolkit Reckitt Benckiser 16 June 2018
Key Medication Module First4HealthTraining 6 July 2018
Developing Leaders in Pharmacy Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) 6 July 2018
Insights into Antimicrobial Stewardship Pfizer 6 July 2018
Training for Pharmacists :How to safely recommend a unique, newly available treatment for cold sores Glaxo Smith Kline Consumer Health Care 28 July 2018
Key Medication Training Module First4Health Training 8 August 2018
Medicines Information Computer Aided Learning (MiCAL) version 15  United Kingdom Medicines Information (UKMI) 12 October 2018
Pain Training, modules1+2 Pfizer 18 February 2019
Support the Use of Medicines in Social Care Settings Prescription Training
Company Ltd
3 April 2019
Care and Control of Medicines Foundation for Care Homes and Domiciliary and Reablement Medication Foundation Course Opus Pharmacy Services 4 April 2019
Medicines Management Education Program and Competency Framework Virgin Care Ltd 5 April 2019
HepEd Liver e-training programme; Virology, Anatomy of the Liver and Drug Drug Interactions (DDI) modules AbbVie Ltd 26 May 2019
Safe Medication Management in Social Care Settings Lynskeys Care Services Consultancy 5 July 2019
Advanced Pharmacy Leadership Programme Welsh Centre for Pharmacy Professional Education (WCPPE) 17 July 2019
PROTECT:Module 2: Optimising over-the-counter (OTC) treatment of acid reflux – communicating with your patient Lucid 21 July 2019
Women's Health, Modules 1-5 Pfizer 2 December 2019
Medication Training: Train the Trainers  Programme Inpharma Ltd 15 January 2020
Pre Registration Study Day Programme Green Light 30 January 2020
I2I Programme (Insight to Implementation Programme); Training Clinical Pharmacists to Better Manage Diabetes in GP Practices Soar Beyond 1 May 2020
Nutrition training modules Pfizer 10 May 2020
HC One Medicines Training Programme HC One 10 July 2020
The Management of Colic, training for Pharmacists and pharmacy assistants FleishmanHillard Fishburn on behalf of Crosscare Ltd 10 October 2020
Safe Administration of Medication, foundation training programme Martha Mc Ginn Taining and Consultancy 29 October 2020
NEVA- online multi-media interactive training Valneva UK 30 October 2020


Training providers

RPS accredited training providers

  Accreditation awarded
Boots UK July 2014
Buttercups Training Ltd May 2015
Numark Ltd September 2015
Harper Adams University October 2015
ProPharmace Ltd December 2015
Opus Pharmacy Services Ltd October 2016
Reckitt Benckiser UK December 2016
Emergency Care Gateway Ltd (ECG) June 2017
AIT Medihelp January 2018


Foundation training providers

  Accreditation awarded
Rowlands Pharmacy October 2015
Boots UK November 2015
The United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) April 2016
The British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group (BPNG) April 2017


Pharmacy Foundation Schools

  Accreditation awarded
University College London - King's College London 2015
Liverpool John Moores University 2015
Cardiff University 2015
Northern Ireland Centre for Pharmacy Learning and Development (NICPLD) 2016
University of Manchester, School of Pharmacy 2016
NHS Education for Scotland (NES) 2017
University of Reading 2017


Faculty training providers

  Accreditation awarded
Pharmacy Management Ltd October 2015
The United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) April 2016

Read more about our role in accreditation ↓ Read more about our role in accreditation ↓

Our role: support and recognition of professional education

As the professional leadership body for pharmacy, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society has a defined role in professional education as laid out in the Objects of our Royal Charter. These include a role to support and develop high standards of education and training. The RPS believes that high quality initial and ongoing education, training and development should be available to all pharmacists across sectors at all stages of their careers in order to develop a workforce that is not only capable but confident as leaders in healthcare. 

Our function as a Royal College 

Alongside this, the RPS believes our function as a Royal College is to lead and set standards for the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of pharmacists whatever their stage in practice. Provision of a professional accreditation programme is part of this function and is consistent with similar accreditation programmes provided by other Royal Colleges. The programme has been developed in response to demand from providers external to pharmacy, as well as from within. 

Our accreditation provision 

Our accreditation programme involves awarding a quality mark, our logo, to training and education materials, resources and events that meet defined standards thus enabling our profession to identify high quality materials and events to support their professional development and ultimately patient care. RPS accreditation is based on rigorous processes including independent expert reviewers for all accreditation applications, many reviewers are RPS Faculty members. Governance and oversight of the accreditation programme is provided by an independent Professional Accreditation Panel. Only providers who meet the RPS principles will be awarded RPS accreditation. For training providers that do not meet our standards, we provide helpful and constructive feedback to enable them to further develop and improve their materials. The vision for the accreditation programme is to develop a library of accredited training and education resources and events to support the development of our profession. This provides a mechanism to signpost to education, learning and development opportunities related to medicines, pharmacy or professional development, as well as a suite of learning and development mapped to RPS Foundation and Faculty stages of practice.

Accreditation with the RPS recognises providers of high quality education and training resources, and training providers that lead in education development and delivery, and in turn demonstrates our commitment to supporting the future development of the profession and the wider healthcare team, in line with our vision, the vision for health care delivery, science and business.

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