Foundation resources

Our Foundation practice resources will support you as work your way through the Foundation Programme. We have a library of quick reference guides, handbooks, case studies, digital media and interactive tools to support you in different roles and sectors.  

Coming soon

We are currently developing a number of new resources and tools to support you with the RPS Foundation Programme. Please keep re-visiting this page for the latest updates.  

Foundation FAQs
Frequently asked questions on Foundation Practice, the Foundation Programme, assessments and submission.

Record of In-Training Assessment (RITA) help guide
This guidance will provide information on what a RITA is and how and when to use it it.

Reflective account help guide
This guidance will provide information on how to use the Reflective Account assessment tool.

“How to guides” for Foundation assessment tools
This guidance will demonstrate how to use our online assessment tools, to include video clips.

Foundation assessment tool videos
A range of videos from the community setting demonstrating examples of interactions between Foundation Pharmacist, patients, peers and Foundation tutor whilst undertaking assessments using the case based discussion tool(CBD), consultation skills assessment (CSA), direct observation of practical skills (DOPS), and pharmaceutical care assessment (PCA)tools.

Preparing to become a Foundation Tutor guide
A checklist of points to consider when preparing to support a new Foundation Pharmacist. It will include both professional and practical considerations.

Foundation Programme development contract template
A template that a Foundation Pharmacist and tutor can fill in together at the beginning of the programme to agree on objectives and expectations of the programme.

Key dates for Foundation Tutor
A ‘time line’  describing activities and key dates for Tutors through the Foundation Programme.

How the Foundation Programme supports Tutors 
A resource describing benefits of the Foundation Programme for tutor’s, Foundation Pharmacist’s and the profession.

Foundation Tutor self-assessment 
A template which the tutor can use to map their learning opportunities and professional development against a framework such as the Faculty Framework and identify their development needs.

Essential Guides to Practice series  
Following on from publishing our Essential Guide to Community Pharmacy Practice: Preparing for day one, we plan to produce similar guidance for both industry and hospital settings.

Foundation Pharmacy Framework (FPF) handbook update
We plan to update the Foundation Programme Framework handbook which provide guidance on the RPS Foundation Pharmacy Framework (FPF) for pharmacy practitioners to enable you to deliver safe and effective pharmaceutical care and improve patient outcomes. If you have any feedback on the current edition please forward them to [email protected]


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