Case Based Discussion (CBD)

A Case Based Discussion (CBD) is a retrospective evaluation of your input into patient care. It assesses clinical decision-making and the application or use of pharmaceutical knowledge in the care of your own patients.

This should take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete (including time to complete the form and discussion).

How should it work?

this form of assessment involves an experienced colleague, practice supervisor, or tutor questioning you about the care you have provided for a patient, allowing the assessor to explore your understanding of specific issues (from pharmacology and pathophysiology to monitoring and counselling). 

it also enables the discussion of the ethical and legal framework of practice (when appropriate), and in all instances, it allows you to discuss why you acted as you did. 

To get the most out of this learning experience, at the completion of the assessment, you and your assessor/collaborator should identify agreed strengths, areas for development and develop an action plan to assist with your development.

How to use the CBD in practice

Community example

How to use the CBD in practice

Hospital example

Completing the CBD assessment

Community example

Completing the CBD assessment

Hospital example