We’ve had lots of questions about revalidation. Here are the answers to the ones we get asked the most.


Revalidation replaces the old CPD process. And comes into effect on 30 March 2018


 The old process Revalidation
 Record 9 CPD entries a year Record 6 entries a year
 Submit when called, normally every 5 years Submit every year*



*In 2018, you just need to submit 4 CPD entries.

In 2019 and onwards, you’ll have to submit 4 CPD entries, 1 peer discussion and 1 reflective account – 6 records in total – every year.

If your registration renewal is due after 31 October 2018, your timings might be different. GPhC will let you know.


GPhC will check you’ve submitted – and choose a % of total records to review each year

GPhC will review 2.5% of the records – some chosen at random, some specifically targeted (e.g. if you’ve submitted late without good reason).

GPhC will tell you if you’re being reviewed, and when you’ll hear the results. If you meet the criteria and everything’s in order, you usually won’t be reviewed again for the next two years.

If you haven’t submitted your records, without explaining why to GPhC, they’ll start a remediation process, which gives you another chance to submit your CPD.


At least 2 of your 4 entries need to show planned learning

Planned learning means you set out to learn a specific skill or piece of knowledge, as opposed to learning something spontaneously that you later apply to your practice.

Out of the 4 learning entries you submit, at least 2 have to be planned. You can submit 3 planned entries and 1 unplanned, or even 4 planned if you like.

Both types need to be about activities from the last 12 months, and show how your learning led to real, positive impact on service users. But the format is a little different:


Peer discussions can be done in person, online or by phone. Talk about any aspect of your practice, big or small

In 2019, you’ll need to write up a conversation you had with a peer about your practice. Talk to your peer in person, online, over the phone, in a video call… however you like.

Choose someone you’re able to have an honest, informed conversation with about the different aspects of your work. You’ll have to declare conflicts of interest, so it is not recommended you use a friend or family member. You can however use our local RPS groups to network and find a peer.

You can talk about your practice as a whole, or focus on just one aspect (eg tutoring a pre-reg) though if you do, make sure your other entries represent the major parts of your job.

Your write-up should cover:

  • Why you chose this peer
  • How the discussion helped you reflect on your practice
  • What you changed as a result
  • How that change benefited the people using your services


Everyone has to submit a reflective account: a written summary of your practice over the past year

In 2019, you’ll have to submit a reflective account for revalidation. This should cover:

  • The context: where you work, who you work with, your main roles, and who uses your service
  • How you met one or more of GPhC’s standards for pharmacy professionals over the last 12 months. The GPhC will provide detail of which standards you can reflect on for each year.
  • How users of the service benefitted as a result, with evidence and/or their feedback


In a non-patient facing job? You still need to revalidate to stay on the register

If you’re in a non-patient facing job like academia, industry or regulation, you still need to revalidate if you want to stay on the GPhC register.

You’ll be asked to show how your learning has helped ‘service users’ – remember, that doesn’t have to mean patients. You can write about your impact on:

  • Internal colleagues
  • External colleagues, from multidisciplinary teams
  • Students
  • End users you don’t contact directly, but who are still affected by your work – if you work in a CCG, that might mean the local population, if you’re in a lab, it might be the health professionals using the drugs you develop

We’re developing new example entries for all these sectors – check back at our examples page before the end of March. Meanwhile, our revalidation support team is here to help.


Pharmacy technicians need to revalidate too

All the information in these sections still applies to you, so feel free to watch our webinar and read example CPD entries in the new format. Plus there's more guidance specifically for technicians at the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK (APTUK).


On a career break or maternity leave? Tell GPhC as soon as you can

If there’s anything that could affect your ability to revalidate, tell GPhC ASAP. Be aware they may ask you for evidence.

They’ll then decide if they can extend the deadline for you, allow you to submit fewer records, or skip the process for this year. It's happening in two stages. From 1 April 2018, you won't be able to add any new entries. Then on 6 June, the website will shut down and all your records will be deleted. Make sure you download and save any records you want to keep before then.

How RPS can help

We are in the process of building a member focused, value added revalidation solution.

We'd love your input into the design of this, please take our short survey and have your say!