Revalidation, and what it means for pharmacy

  • 4 CPD records this year

  • At least 2 CPD entries must be planned

  • Submit to GPhC by 31 October (first wave of registrants)

Revalidation is GPhC's new requirement for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. It aims to keep your skills up to date - and show the public they are, too.

Like last year, you'll need to record learning activities, but you'll have to show deeper reflection and tie your learning back to service user outcomes.

You will need to demonstrate what learning activities you identified for a planned entry, how it fits with your scope of practice and how it benefited service users.

It's being phased in, so in 2018 you just need to submit four CPD records, at least two of them planned.

Then from 2019 onward, you'll need to submit six records each year - including two new types of activity.

  1. Four CPD records, at least two planned
  2. A peer discussion
  3. A reflective account

Types of records

Planned learning activity Planned learning activity

When you set out to learn a specific skill or piece of knowledge. It can be any form of learning, from training sessions to online research.

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Unplanned learning activity Unplanned learning activity

When you learn something - at a conference, in a conversation, wherever it might be - that you later apply to your practice.

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Peer discussion Peer discussion

A conversation (online or in person) where you reflect on your practice. You'll have to show how this conversation led to clear outcomes for your service users.

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Reflective account Reflective account

A summary of your practice over the past year, with specific examples of how you met one of the GPhC's standards for pharmacy professionals and how your service users benefited as a result.

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Questions? Our dedicated Revalidation Support Service is here to help

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