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Adrenaline auto-injectors - schools

Administration of medicines

Amorolfine POM to P

Anti-malarial POM to P

Biosimilar medicines

Black triangle

Cannabis-based medicines

Cannabis oils and cannabidiol (CBD) oils

Chloramphenicol POM to P

Clarinaze allergy control POM to P

Compounding sterile preparations | e-book

Contraceptive POM to P

Controlled drugs

Controlled drugs - changing instalment intervals during a pandemic

Controlled drugs - emergency supply during a pandemic

Controlled drugs - pandemic contingency legislation

Controlled drugs - prescribing

Controlled drugs - requisitions

Controlled drugs - safe custody

Controlled drugs - serious shortage protocol (SSP)

Desogestrel POM to P

Drugs and driving

Emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) POM to P

Emergency supply

Enteral Feeding - drug administration | e-book

Falsified medicines direction (FMD)

Herbal medicines

Homeopathy and herbal medicines comparison

Labelling of medicines

Laxatives - OTC stimulant laxatives in community

Lidocaine GSL to P

Medical devices

Medicine shortages - community pharmacy

Medicine shortages - secondary care (England)

Mometasone POM to P

New psychoactive substances

Omeprazole POM to P

Orlistat POM to P

Pantoprazole POM to P

Podiatrists - supply of medicines


POM to P changes

Proton pump inhibitor POM to P

Pseudoephedrine & ephedrine


Retinoids and pregnancy

Safe and secure handling of medicines

Salbutamol inhalers - schools

Sildenafil POM to P


Sumatriptan POM to P


Tamsulosin POM to P

Tranexamic acid P medicine

Valproate and the Pregnancy Prevention Programme