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Ongoing medicine supply issues with Metoprolol 50mg and 100mg tablets

Information from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) regarding ongoing supply issues with Metoprolol 50mg and 100mg tablets:


  • The issue has been caused because of some manufacturers discontinuing the products and others having supply difficulties.
  • Milpharm/Aurobindo, are currently the sole supplier of both presentations to the UK market.
  • Supplies of both presentations are currently available but may be limited, further stock is arriving over the coming weeks however supply is likely to be intermittent for a number of months.
  • If patients are having difficulty obtaining metoprolol, they may need to be switched to an appropriate alternative treatment.
  • Please see a memo with had been developed by UK Medicine Information with input from national experts at NHSE and NHSI, which advises on management options for patients affected by this supply issue, including the use of alternative beta blockers, dosing information for these alternative beta blockers and monitoring requirements.
  •  Suppliers of alternative beta blockers have been contacted to determine if they can meet any additional demand and currently, the manufacturer of carvedilol has indicated it would be unable to meet demand if patients were switched to this product. Manufacturers of bisoprolol, atenolol and propranolol have indicated they have capacity to support any additional demand on their products.
  • DHSC are continuing to work with the manufacturers Milpharm/Aurobindo, to expedite future deliveries will continue to monitor the overall situation.